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Senior Safety: Learning to Fall

Posted by Alyssa Ball on September 18, 2018

Falls are the leading cause of death from injury in seniors. And once a senior falls, it's more likely that they will fall again. However, no matter what your age or fitness level, there are some strategies to reduce the risk from falling, and to lessen the severity of any injuries resulting from a fall. Here is a guide to learn how to fall safely and reduce injury. 

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Weathering the Storm: Keeping Seniors Safe During Storm Season

Posted by Ruby Cemental on April 24, 2018

The safety of our beloved seniors is of utmost importance to us. Now that storm season has officially arrived, making sure our elderly loved ones have what they need in case of emergencies is a definite priority. With the following tips, you can be sure that your senior can safely weather the storm season without worry.

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Buying a New Car as a Senior

Posted by Ruby Cemental on March 27, 2018

For many, a car symbolizes freedom. A car is the ability to go anywhere you'd like at anytime you'd like. However, as a society we often fail to help senior citizens find the right car for them. The people who deserve that freedom the most our often left to fend for themselves, and it's a shame. To help mitigate that, we wanted to help detail some important considerations for a senior citizen buying a car to ensure the best possible experience. 

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Tips for Winterizing A Senior's Home

Posted by Ruby Cemental on January 23, 2018

The wintertime is a challenging time of the year for all homeowners, especially seniors who could use the extra help preparing for the ice and snow to come. By planning ahead, you can help ensure your loved ones stay warm and safe during the winter months. Here are great tips to help winterize senior's homes this winter.

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Kitchen Safety for Seniors

Posted by Ruby Cemental on December 12, 2017

Cooking in the kitchen is not without peril, especially for older adults. It sometimes seems like there is a danger at every turn with heated surfaces, knives, and upscale electrical appliances that require some skill to operate. Learn about some of the kitchen dangers for seniors and how to make the kitchen a safe place. 

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Senior Safety While Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Posted by Ruby Cemental on November 7, 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, although not official holidays, have become a big part of the season. But what is happening on those dates? Also, why do seniors in particular need to think about safety before they decide to participate? Let us take a look at each event.

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Helping Seniors Endure Natural Disasters

Posted by Ruby Cemental on September 12, 2017

Natural disasters can happen; Hurricane Harvey was the category 4 storm with sustained 140+ mph winds that produced a devastating 52"+ inches of rain on Southeastern Texas. The flooding is unprecedented in Texas history. Similar storms, such as Katrina or superstorm Sandy, have wrecked billion of dollars of havoc on New Orleans and New Jersey respectively in the past couple of years. While we cannot avoid these natural disasters, we can prepare for the worst so we are always ready in case devastation were to strike.

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When Dad Can't Drive: Common Senior Fears

Posted by Ruby Cemental on June 20, 2017

For many seniors, the loss of their ability to drive is a milestone that has been dreaded for years. Chances are, Dad is aware that his vision is failing, or that his reflexes have slowed. He's aware that it's no longer as safe for him to be behind the wheel as it once was. While he's concerned about those issues, chances are, your dad is also concerned about a number of other things. Knowing what fears he faces will help you handle the conversation more compassionately and give you the tools to have a clear, calm conversation with your dad about the fact that he can't drive anymore. 

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5 Problems Seniors Living By Themselves May Have

Posted by Ruby Cemental on April 25, 2017

Is your loved one a senior citizen who is living at home by themselves? Are you concerned that they are having problems taking care of their personal needs on a daily basis? Read on to learn the 5 health concerns for living at home that are an excellent reason to bring in outside help.  

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17 Top Kitchen Gadgets Your Senior Will Love

Posted by Michael Watson on December 20, 2016

Whether your senior loves experimenting in the kitchen or just needs to do some basic cooking, you can make it easier for them with some inexpensive kitchen aids. Things that we take for granted when we're young, like being able to open a jar or reach a box on a shelf, can become virtually impossible as you get older. We've rounded up must-have kitchen items that can help keep your senior living safely and independently.

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