In-Home Companionship

It is our belief that no senior should feel left alone. Caring Senior Service can provide companionship for a senior who lives alone or who is alone for portions of the day. A Caring Senior Service caregiver can provide healthy social interaction which is an essential element for a seniors' overall health.

While in the home, our caregivers can spend time reading, sharing stories, and playing games. Over the past 23 years of service, we have seen quite a few seniors rekindle old hobbies and interests once a Caring Senior Service staff member was introduced to the home.

If you are considering home care, to help you further access your needs we offer a 43-point Home Safety Assessment. Download the free, printable Home Safety Assessment to help identify any unsafe areas or potential obstacle within the home.

Download The Home Safety Assessment

 Call your local Caring Senior Service office today or use our office locator to find the nearest local office to discuss an individualized companionship schedule.