In-Home Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for seniors. Many senior clients are on specific diets and need to have meals prepared to meet those needs. Our staff doesn't just make whatever they feel like making; you tell us what you want! It's like having your own personal chef!

Want a steak? Just tell us how you want your steak prepared!

Meal plans for seniors can be both simple and flavorful with a little care. Caring Senior Service caregivers prepare and encourage proper diet and nutrition based on the senior client's individual needs and desires, including diabetic diets, low sodium diets, low sugar diets, and many other special diets, as well as ensure thorough cleanup to prevent the spread of bacteria or food-borne illness.

At Caring Senior Service, we know that maneuvering in the kitchen becomes more difficult as we age. Because of this we offer a free, downloadable Home Safety Assessment to help identify any unsafe areas or potential obstacles within the home.

Download The Home Safety Assessment

Call your local Caring Senior Service office today or use our office locator to find the nearest local office to discuss your individualized meal requirements.