Specialized Senior Home Care to Address Common Conditions

Our Specialty Programs offer tailored services and care plans to ensure that seniors get the care they need. Caring Senior Service offers a full range of specialized home care for seniors coping with specific medical conditions. Whether your parent is coping with Alzheimer's disease, knee replacement surgery or even the effects of a stroke, our caregivers provide clients the disease-specific care they need. 

Many seniors have health issues or chronic conditions that come with a set of unique care challenges. To best care for these seniors, we have created specialized senior home care programs that are tailored to the most common issues seniors face. These specialty care programs involve specific care plans and additional training so that our caregivers can help all seniors age in place and maintain their quality of life.

Learn more about each of our specialty programs below.

Alzheimer's & Dementia  Fall Risk  Stroke
Hip & Knee Replacement    COPD    Pneumonia
Infection Control    CHF

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Specialty Program

Familiar surroundings can often help seniors with dementia cope with anxiety, agitation, stress, and confusion. Our at-home Alzheimer’s & Dementia Specialty program makes it possible for seniors with Alzheimer’s or related dementia to safely age in place.  

Learn more about how our specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services can help your aging loved one.


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Alzheimer and Dementia Elderly Patient needing elder care



Fall Risk Specialty Program

Falls can be extremely dangerous for seniors, and they are very common in the elderly due to chronic conditions, balance issues, vision problems, or other injuries. Not only can a serious fall impact a senior physically, but it can have a lasting emotional toll as well. Fear of falling can lead a senior to become withdrawn, inactive, and lonely.  Our Fall Risk Specialty Program helps seniors regain their confidence. Thanks to the specialized training our caregivers receive, they can help prevent falls.  

Learn more about how our Fall Risk Specialty Program can help keep your loved one safe at home.  

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Elderly lady on the sidewalk from a fall needing fall prevention care



Stroke Specialty Program

Seniors who have suffered from a stroke often face a long recovery time and may experience the physical effects of the stroke for the rest of their lives. Our Stroke Specialty Program allows us to provide personalized care to give stroke survivors and their families peace of mind.  

Learn more about how our specialized stroke care services can help your aging loved one.

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Senior man suffering a stroke by a tree needing senior stroke care



Hip & Knee Replacement Specialty Program

Many seniors undergo joint replacement surgeries to reduce pain and discomfort and increase mobility. However, these surgeries often require a long recovery period, during which seniors are very susceptible to falls or other health complications. Our program provides post-surgery home care tailored services to help seniors recover after a hip or knee replacement.

This program includes specialized at-home post-surgery care to help seniors with mobility, medication management, and avoiding falls.

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Elderly woman holding her knee from knee replacement



COPD Specialty Program

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a common lung disease among seniors that makes it extremely difficult to breathe. Our COPD care program helps our caregivers identify the needs and preferences of each senior with COPD or similar respiratory conditions. We coordinate care with health professionals and family members to help prevent hospital admission and readmission.

Learn more about our tailored program to help seniors with COPD maintain their quality of life.

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Doctor Holding COPD on Chalkboard



Pneumonia Specialty Program

Pneumonia is often overlooked, as symptoms might not seem severe or may even be confused with other conditions. However, it’s the 5th leading-cause of death in the United States and is responsible for 1 million hospital readmissions each year.

Learn more about our specialized care we can provide to improve the quality of life for seniors recovering from pneumonia.

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Senior woman in a hospital bed with a concerned look on her face; her daughter sits nearby




Infection Control Specialty Program

COVID19 and flu share similar symptoms, the flu symptoms tend to occur faster and have a greater variety of symptoms. COVID-19 is 3x more likely to cause serious complications in the elderly than the flu. However, many infectious diseases like COVID-19 can be avoided with proper training and care. We provide specialized senior home care services for those with infection control-specific needs, meaning that we have processes and care plans in place to help prevent seniors from infectious diseases. 

Learn more about how our Infection Control Specialty Program can help keep your loved one safe at home.  

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Congestive Heart Failure Specialty Program

CHF is a serious form of heart failure (HF). Despite the name, CHF does not indicate that the heart is in fact failing. Instead, the condition refers to the weakening of the heart’s ability to pump effectively. However, this heart condition can be managed through proper treatment and lifestyle changes. Our caregivers can be key to helping a loved one manage their CHF symptoms. Our specialized senior home care program includes heart-specific courses and other training to help caregivers address the needs of seniors with CHF.

Learn more about our CHF Specialty Program and how it can provide peace of mind to both seniors and their family members. 

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Caregiver delivering a meal to a senior