Keep Your Freedom With Caring Senior Service Transportation Assistance

Driving is a symbol of freedom. When seniors lose the ability to drive on their own, it doesn't mean they can't get out and do the things they once did. Caring Senior Service caregivers can help give seniors back their freedom and allow them to maintain their independence by providing transportation assistance.

We can drive your loved one to:

  • Doctor's appointments and therapy sessions
  • Medical procedures
  • Hair appointments
  • Visits with friends or family
  • Religious services
  • Special events (weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.)
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Shopping

To assist you or an aging loved one as you consider home care as an option, download our free 10 Warning Signs Handout to determine if now is the time to get help.

Download The 10 Warning Signs

Call your local Caring Senior Service office today or use our office locator to find the nearest local office to discuss your individualized transportation needs.