Caring Errand Services

Running errands can be time consuming. Many times your loved one just needs someone to help deliver mail packages or pick things up from the store. Allow Caring Senior Service to tackle the daily tasks for you, but if your loved one likes an outing, they can come along! Whatever the errand, let our senior service caregivers help your loved ones check it off of their list.

Your list for our caregivers might look something like this:

  • Mailing or shipping, package delivery
  • Delivering supplies
  • Drop-off services (dry cleaning, prescriptions, gifts)
  • Returns (store purchases, videos, etc.)
  • Holiday, gift or personal shopping
  • Car washes or vehicle service
  • Trip to pick up prescriptions

We want to help you, or a loved one, be able to tackle any of life's everyday activities because it is our goal to keep our clients comfortable and independent at home. Whether you need help with running errands or preparing a meal,  if you notice that you or a loved one would benefit from additional help around the house, it may be time to consider your home care options.

To assist you or an aging loved one as you consider home care as an option download our free 10 Warning Signs Handout to determine if now is the time to get help.

Download The 10 Warning Signs  

Call your local Caring Senior Service office today or use our office locator to find the nearest local office to discuss your list of needed errands.