Holiday Shopping Safety Tips for Seniors

By Ruby Cemental

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means that holiday shopping is becoming a very real concern for many senior individuals. They're less mobile than they used to be. They're slower than many of the people crowding the stores this holiday season. Senior safety tips for holiday shopping can help make shopping easier for your senior loved one this year.

Don't Try to Take It All on at Once

Seniors often have a wide variety of people that they're buying for. Their families have grown to include more than just their children: grandchildren, sons- and daughters-in-law, and other relatives have joined the festivities. A one-stop shopping trip will wear out your loved on and leave them exhausted. 

Start Early

The last thing your senior loved one needs is to be the last person buying a gift for that hard-to-shop-for member of the family. That's the point when it comes down to crunch time and no one has any good gift ideas anymore! Instead, let your senior loved one start early and get the easiest gift for everyone on the list.

Take Company

Holiday shopping alone isn't any fun anyway. Instead, encourage your senior loved one to shop with a friend or family member or offer to escort them while they do their shopping. Having a family member on hand will provide them with someone else to carry the bags, a great companion for conversation and fun, and an extra supporting hand if they start to get wobbly on their feet.

Shop Early in the Day

After work, many stores become overcrowded—especially during the busy holiday season. Instead of being just one more face in the rushed, bustling crowd, encourage your elderly loved one to shop earlier in the day when the stores will be more peaceful.

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