Breathe Easy with These 5 Ways to Manage COPD in the Winter

By Ruby Cemental

If your loved one suffers from COPD, they can have difficulty during the holidays. The cold air and extra stress oftentimes aggravate symptoms and cause difficulty breathing. Here are 5 ways to help manage COPD in the winter:

Get Lots of Rest

Patients with COPD often experience fatigue and shortness of breath, 2 factors which can exacerbate one another. It's important to take breaks often, especially at a time of year where everyone is rushing around, swept up in the holiday spirit.

Keep Up to Date on Medication/Flu Shots

With cooler weather comes more colds, and those with COPD are more prone to catching them. Keeping medications current can fight off encroaching respiratory infections. Getting a flu shot can also help seniors with COPD avoid the flu and keep their immune system strong. 

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a known cause of COPD, and can cause a host of other respiratory problems that can contribute to it. Do not smoke, and try to avoid places with lots of smokers or heavy pollution.

Practice Good Hygiene

It may seem obvious, but in patients with COPD, it's even more important to avoid colds that may worsen the condition. For this reason, brushing teeth and washing hands often is a must.

Avoid Crowds

For a person with COPD, crowds can exacerbate all of the above. During the holiday season, people will be going to malls and restaurants in large numbers, and they may be smokers, or practice poor hygiene, or with all of their duties, cause exhaustion and stress. Take comfort in small gatherings with loved ones instead.

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