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INFOGRAPHIC: Exercises for Seniors to Help with Balance

Posted by Alyssa Ball on October 30, 2018

Exercise is a great way for seniors to stay healthy and maintain balance and coordination as they age. Discover different exercises designed to help seniors with balance in this infographic. Try implementing some of these balancing exercises in your daily routine!

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Fun Ways to Celebrate the Day of the Dead With Seniors

Posted by Alyssa Ball on October 30, 2018

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a colorful Mexican holiday honoring ancestry. The holiday isn't just one day, however. Day of the Dead is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd. It's a time to honor those who have passed away. The holiday was even featured in the movie Coco. There isn't simply one way of observing Day of the Dead, but some symbols and traditions are prevalent. Celebrating the Day of the Dead is a fun opportunity to celebrate with seniors. The holiday has a deep meaning, but is also bright and lighthearted. Here are some ways you can celebrate together.

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Best Practices for Identifying High-Risk Discharges

Posted by Michael Watson on October 23, 2018

Whether a senior is being discharged from a hospital or a rehabilitation facility, it’s important to identify signs of a high-risk discharge. With about 20% of seniors readmitted to the hospital within 30-days of discharge, each senior’s health should be evaluated, and seniors whose health is most at risk after discharge should be given special consideration before release.  

Here are some best practices to identify high-risk discharges and to prepare seniors and their families for discharge.

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Are Your Senior Loved Ones Ready for Flu Season?

Posted by Michael Watson on October 16, 2018

It's that time of the year where the weather starts to cool off, the leaves change colors, and we grab a sweater before we leave the house. Autumn brings lots of beautiful things, but it also ushers in the start of flu season. Flu season is a frustrating time of year, no matter how old you are, but it can be particularly troublesome for seniors. Learn how to prepare for flu season to help seniors stay healthy!

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5 Easy Costume Ideas for Seniors

Posted by Michelle Cemental on October 9, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it's time for costumes galore! If you're thinking about dressing up with a senior loved one this holiday season, try some of these great costume ideas that will have them feeling great and enjoying the season. 

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Downsizing? Here’s What to Do with Family Photos & Home Movies

Posted by Alyssa Ball on October 5, 2018

Downsizing makes sense as our loved ones get older. Finding a smaller home or reducing clutter can make it safe and easy for them to keep living independently. One of the easiest ways to reduce clutter and free up space is to digitize aging film reels, videotapes, and family photos. These often reside in bulky boxes or bins and can deteriorate if not properly preserved. 

EverPresent is devoted to saving family memories, and our certified organizers tackle this question every day. Here’s our advice.

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Movie Night: Picking Movies Seniors Will Enjoy

Posted by Alyssa Ball on October 2, 2018

Seniors loved getting lost in a good movie just as much as you do. They're an enjoyable pastime. Hosting a movie night in your home or at a senior center is fun, cheap, and easy. While we all love a good movie, the senior in your life may not necessarily have the same taste in movies as you. Luckily here are some available resources to help you choose a movie everyone will love! 

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How to Travel Comfortably and Safely as a Senior

Posted by Michael Watson on September 28, 2018

Regardless of age, travelers should always plan their journeys to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. Age shouldn’t stop someone from traveling, but intricate planning is more important to the senior traveler. Here are 7 tips to travel comfortably and safely as a senior.  

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Why Facebook is Popular with Seniors

Posted by Alyssa Ball on September 25, 2018

Social media websites are popular with millennials and younger generations, but you might be surprised to know just how many seniors are hitting the like button on sites like Facebook. In fact, seniors are now Facebook's fastest-growing group of users. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, it's no surprise that seniors are taking advantage of the services that Facebook offers. And here's why!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Hospital to Home Step-By-Step Guide

Posted by Michelle Cemental on September 18, 2018

When a senior is discharged from the hospital, there are a lot of things to coordinate and think about. We've made this process a little easier with a step-by-step guide to a safe hospital discharge. By referring to the process outlined in our infographic, you can know what to expect when a loved one gets to come home from the hospital.

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