Senior Care Meets Technology with Our Tendio Family Portal

Caring Senior Service adds technology to our senior care services and places a tablet that’s programmed with the Tendio Family Portal in every home. Our senior care technology provides support for seniors living at home. Your loved one and our care team can interact with the tablet, allowing us to monitor trends and make active adjustments to in-home care services. As caregivers for seniors, we use these advances to improve the way we care for seniors.

By providing a preprogrammed tablet to each of our clients, we empower seniors, improve patient-provider communication, enhance family support, and, most importantly, improve the quality of life for our seniors.



What Is the Tendio Family Portal?

Caring Senior Service puts a tablet in every senior’s home. This tablet comes preprogrammed with our Tendio Family Portal, which is Caring Senior Service’s proprietary software. It is designed to help seniors remain engaged and connected as they age at home. The portal provides a secure, cloud-based platform that is accessible 24/7.

Our team helps clients set up their Tendio Family Portal account with a secure username and password. With this login information, seniors and their family members can access personal health information, such as:

  • Client service plans
  • Caregiver visit notes
  • Medication lists
  • Caregiver schedules
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Required paperwork

The Family Portal also allows seniors and their family members to enhance communication with their care team. It lets clients exchange direct messages, text message alerts, and video communication with our staff.

*Some restrictions apply.