Dr. Ruth Westheimer: An Inspiration for the Young and Aged

By Ruby Cemental

Dr. Ruth Westheimer stands at a petite 4'7", but that has not stopped her from tackling tall dreams. Learn more about this inspiring senior and how she has remained a powerful advocate for women's rights.

Early Life

Born in Frankfort, Germany, right before the Nazis came to power, to an Orthodox Jewish family, she is believed to be the only member to have survived the atrocious events of the Holocaust. After being sent to a Swiss Girl's school, she never saw her family again, and yet she achieved goals of unparalleled magnitude for her time and situation.  

After taking time out from her schooling to become a sniper to fight for the Jewish Freedom Fighters, she obtained her Master's degree  in Sociology from the NSSR at the age of 31, in 1958. About ten years later, she earned her Doctorate from Columbia University while also working at Planned Parenthood and raising a family.

Powerful Advocate

Not only did Dr. Westheimer flourish through events that would otherwise cripple most, she developed herself as a person when being a woman was a difficult task. Through the turmoil of women's rights in the sixties, she spoke out about sex quite publicly, with no fear to who might condemn her. She earned a master's degree in a decade where women were suppose to be at home baking brownies. She was definitely a headstrong lady in those days and she continues to be, today. 

As a psychosexual therapist who has been broaching the sex topic for four decades now, Ruth is still going strong in her sexual education for all. In fact, she just published a new book this year, just before her 87th birthday. The book is called, The Doctor Is In: Dr. Ruth on Love, Life and Joie de Vivre. This is just one of her many books concerning sex and the joys and responsibilities surrounding it.

Tenacious as ever, Dr. Ruth continues to pioneer sex and what it means to be a sexually educated person. Just like with difficult circumstances, Ruth has not let aging slow her down. She is a beacon of inspiration for young and old alike. She is proof that anyone can accomplish big goals even in the most diverse of situations.

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