Continuing Education for Seniors

By Michelle Cemental

Knowledge is something we accumulate throughout our lives. It is a continuous journey, which is not restricted to the young. With the availability of education today, more and more seniors are taking advantage of this opportunity, and returning to school to gain more knowledge, or find new interests. The accessibility of information on the Internet makes it easy for seniors to find a continuing education program that suits their interests, needs, and budgets.

Continuing Education Options

There are many different forms of continuing education available including personal development courses, seminars and workshops, self-paced courses such as online courses, or degree or non-degree training.

For many seniors, budgetary constraints pose a concern; however, financial options are available for seniors pursuing their education goals. Some institutions and organizations offer free enrollment for seniors if there is space in a particular course, or provide grants or scholarships to seniors to help offset costs. One of the best ways to find financial help is to research options on the Internet.

When selecting the outlet for your continuing education, make sure you consider a few things:

  • Select an outlet that has other “non-traditional” students to help create a support system for your learning. Having peers to lean on or share experiences helps overcome fears, or ease the transition back into education.

  • Consider transportation or internet availability. Will you have transportation to take you to and from class each day, or access to high-speed internet to complete an online based course.

Continuing education can be very beneficial or rejuvenating for seniors. It can also be inspiring, help feel young again, or bring new meaning into their lives. If you or a loved one has thought about continuing education, start today. Knowledge will give you confidence. We are never too old to learn something new.

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