A Senior's Guide To Twitter

By Ruby Cemental

If you're looking to find a voice while staying consistently, and quickly, updated on world events, then Twitter is the place for you. It's a vast world of personality confined in "tweets" of 140 characters or less. Though the words spread far and wide, its structure is simple and the page is easily maneuvered from both web and mobile platforms. Learn more about Twitter and how seniors can start using it below!

Benefits of Twitter for Seniors

Social media allows seniors to stay connected to what is happening now. Twitter is the most fast-paced of all social media networks. Because tweets are confined to a certain number of characters, users post brief snippets that are easy to read quickly. Seniors can stay up-to-date with their family members or learn about trending topics. 

This digital connection can provide entertainment and help aging loved ones avoid isolation and loneliness

Creating an Account

Create an account, and find a voice of your own in just a few simple steps. 

  1. Create a new account with your name, email, and a secure password. 

  2. Once you've verified your email, you may begin editing your profile to best compliment your personality. Add a photo of yourself, pick your Twitter handle, type a short bio, and begin "tweeting"!

  3. You can follow accounts that update on topics you find most interesting. The news, books, fashion, politics, etc. If you don't enjoy the content on a page, you can easily "unfollow" with the click of a button. 

What To Do with an Account

Once you have selected some accounts to follow, you will receive their tweets in your Twitter feed. You can read tweets, comment on tweets, or create your own tweets.

A tweet can be anything you like, an opinion, a saying, or even a link to media like a YouTube video. The only rule is that it is less than 140 characters. Once you post your tweet, your followers can read it and respond to it.

And with some many accounts out there, you can find topics that interest you so you won't get bored with your feed. From humor to traffic updates, you can narrow your following down to your local town while also staying updated on whats happening on the other side of the world. 

Here are a few accounts to get you started:

To get more information on how seniors can utilize social media, check out our Social Media Guide for Seniors. You can find it in our free content library, which you can access by first finding your local Caring office.

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