3 Exciting Ways Technology Keeps Seniors Connected

By Ruby Cemental

Isolation is a major concern for seniors who are at greater risk for depression and other mental health issues when they do not get enough socialization. While family and friends play an important role in lifting a senior's mood, it is also important for seniors to be able to reach out to others whenever they feel the need. Since staying social is critical for every older adult's well-being, they will be excited to learn about these three ways technology keeps seniors connected.

Talk Face to Face With Long Distance Family Members

When loved ones live far away, it is stressful for seniors who naturally miss seeing the people they hold dear to their hearts. With video chat apps and other digital messaging platforms, seniors can now talk to their precious grandchild's smile in real time or give an old friend in another state a tour of their home.

Video chat apps:

  • FaceTime (only on Apple devices)
  • Facebook Messenger video call 
  • Skype
  • Marco Polo 
  • Snapchat

Digital messaging platforms:

  • Email
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Even if your senior isn't tech savvy, you can still send a personalized card through the mail to stay in touch. 

Meet New People Outside of Their Social Circle

Once seniors get the hang of going online and setting up a social media profile, the sky is the limit for making new friends. Although it is important to teach your loved one cyber safety tips such as to never give out personal information online, there are many forums and dating sites that are set up specifically for seniors. Meeting someone who shares their love for reading biographies or quilting will give your loved one something to look forward to every day.

Reach Out for Support

Seniors thrive when they know that they are surrounded by support, and your loved one can use technology to learn how to cope with a new life event by joining an online support group. They can also quickly locate help when they need it such as by using a medical alert system to contact emergency support when they are injured or ill. 

Every day, new technology is made available that is changing how people age. That's why Caring Senior Service has a goal to put a tablet in every client's home. Reach out to your local Caring office to learn more.

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