Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Seniors

By Ruby Cemental

Various social media platforms are beneficial for seniors, and Pinterest is one of them. It's one of the most intuitive social media platforms, making it great for seniors. Plus, there are all sorts of boards that will provide information as well as fun and interesting tidbits about an array of subjects. Find out how to get a senior started and what boards they should follow.

Getting Started

Signing up for Pinterest is absolutely free. It only takes a few minutes to create a username and password. You can even login using an existing Facebook or Google account. After yous sign up, Pinterest will provide a guided tour of how it all works. They will even prompt you with the various people and boards to follow to ensure that there is always new information upon logging in.

Following Boards

People and organizations have pages. They also have different boards in which they post to on a regular basis. Think of these boards like a digital filing system for ideas. It's possible to follow people and boards and this will ensure that there is always new stuff to read and look at.

Some of the best boards for seniors to follow include:

  • Caring Senior Service
  • The Senior List
  • Simple Reminders
  • Greatist
  • Buzzfeed
  • Coupon Closet

The best thing to do is search interests and start following the many boards and creators of boards.

Pinning to a Board

Another great way to get involved in Pinterest is to create your own board and pin things. Seniors might want to create boards that focus on senior living, places to travel, life hacks, and things to talk about with the grand kids. It's fun and it's something they are able to do at any time from a computer or a smartphone.

Learn more about how seniors can take advantage of social media in our Social Media Guide for Seniors. Download our free content resources by first finding your local Caring office.

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