Why Facebook Is Popular with Seniors

By Alyssa Ball

Social media websites are popular with millennials and younger generations, but you might be surprised to know just how many seniors are hitting the like button on sites like Facebook. In fact, seniors are now Facebook's fastest-growing group of users. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, it's no surprise that seniors are taking advantage of the services that Facebook offers. And here's why!

Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

Years ago, you could pick up a phone to talk to your loved ones, but it could take a week or longer to send photos and other forms of media. With Facebook, seniors can see pictures of their children and grandchildren instantly.

Keeping in touch on Facebook facilitates social bonding and can be especially useful for seniors that are non-ambulatory and aren't able to leave the house easily. With social media platforms, like Facebook, they can make the meaningful social connections that are important for emotional and mental health.


While there are other ways to share pictures and keep in chat, such as texting and email, Facebook offers a simple interface that seniors enjoy. Such features as the Like button, for example, keep interacting on Facebook comfortable and enjoyable for seniors.

Video Chat

One of the biggest bonuses to Facebook is the message feature that allows for video and audio calls. The video call feature allows families to not only share images with their loved ones but to have face-to-face interaction.

For some, social media is just a way to spend a few minutes, but for seniors, it's a valuable tool to keep in touch with their families and build friendships. Facebook can add to the quality of life for those seniors that can't get out as much as they used to.

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