Tips to Help Seniors Remember Joyful Moments in Life

By Ruby Cemental

Encouraging your seniors to share precious memories can increase their quality of life by staving off depression, lessening physical pain and evoking a sense of positive well-being. Allowing them to talk about joyful moments in their life can also help them feel that they are a valuable and cherished member of the family. Here are 5 tips to help your seniors reminisce about moments in their life.

1. Use Photos to Trigger Memories

Take a look around the room and point out photos when they were younger. Or bring out an old box of photos that your senior has stashed and take time to look through them. Ask them to tell you about each photo such as the events of that day and how they were feeling in that moment.

2. Watch a Favorite Movie Together

Afterwards have your senior recall the clothes, hairstyles and fads that were popular and that they liked to wear during that time period. You can also ask about their favorite movie quotes, movie star crushes and television shows.

3. Listen to Favorite Music

Another way to link the past to the present is to listen to their favorite music. Ask your senior about their favorite songs and about the type of music that they liked to listen to. Ask them if they remember what was playing during fun times like on their first date, first kiss or their wedding day. In addition, inquire about their first concert and the type of music that was popular when they were younger. If they enjoyed dancing, ask about their favorite type of dances back then.

4. Use Travel Memorabilia

Talk with your senior about any travel adventures that they have had. You can ask about road trips that they have taken and favorite places that they have visited. Discuss the activities that they liked to do while on vacation.

5. Ask Questions About Favorite Memories

Ask about their favorite memories during different stages in their life such as in their childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Talk about the people who were involved and the reasons why they are so fond of those times.

These are just a few ideas to help your senior recall happy memories in their life. For more ideas on how to improve senior memory, check out these top memory games for the elderly

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