Capturing Your Senior's Legacy

By Ruby Cemental

Whether it is mom, dad, or another special senior you care deeply about, there is likely so much you don't know about them. We have the tendency to see a person's life through our own experiences with them. But why not take the time to truly capture your loved one's legacy. Here is a list of a few questions to get you started along with some ideas about how you can record the answers.

Questions to Ask

  1. What kind of town did you grow up in? While you might know the name of the locality, there is so much more to learn. Whether it was rural, suburban, or metropolitan, there are likely distinct details that stick out in your senior's mind. Along with that, the environment doubtless had an effect on them.

  2. Was your career the one you always wanted? Some of us choose a career when we are quite young, achieve our goals, and retire from the profession after many years. Others have to change gears because of circumstances. Where does your senior fit in when it comes to the job(s) they had?

  3. What were your parents like? If the senior in your life is your parent, the answer to this question might surprise you. We usually have a particular image of Grandpa and Grandma branded into our memory. But they might have been very different when they raised your mom or dad.

  4. What were some turning points in your life? All of us have an 'aha moment' from time to time, and your senior is likely not an exception. You might be surprised to find out about some of the drastic changes they had to make and what prompted them to do it.

  5. What talent are you proud of? There are many types of talents your senior could have. They may have talent in the arts, such as in drawing, painting, or sculpture. Or, they may have musical talent and play an instrument, sing, or even write music. Ask your senior to tell you about a talent that they are proud of to learn about an aspect of their life you may never have known about before.

  6. What kind of student were you in school? If you look up to your senior as a role model, you might be surprised that they weren't exactly the most well-behaved kid. Or perhaps they were always the way you know them to be today. 

  7. What is one of your favorite memories? This open-ended question will show them that you really want to know what makes them happy. 

These simple questions will open up the door to countless details about your loved one and what helped shape their personality. You will enjoy travelling back in time with them, and they will be so grateful you cared enough to capture their legacy.

How to Record the Answers

There are multiple ways that you can preserve the answers to the above questions. Here are a few formats to consider. 


You don’t have to have a huge production setup, a smartphone on a tripod is enough to capture your senior telling her story in her own words. Use a tripod instead of holding the phone in hand – it is more discreet and your senior is more likely to act naturally. Ask questions, reminisce together and capture these wonderful moments on video.

In Writing

A memory book or scrapbook that your senior can contribute to is a wonderful way to explore your family history and their legacy. A single photo or question can prompt a flood of information – and you’ll be able to record it. Provide simple supplies for those who want to write on their own and be ready to transcribe for those who don’t.


It’s often overlooked in a visually demanding world, but simple audio of your senior singing a family song, reading a story book or relaying a story is a powerful reminder of who they are and what they mean to you.

By taking the time to capture these memories, you preserve your senior’s legacy and get to enrich their lives by reminiscing with them today. You’ll love learning about and revisiting the past, while they’ll love passing on important wisdom and information they have to share.

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