How to Celebrate Your Aging Parents

By Michelle Cemental

National Parents’ Day is the fourth Sunday of July each year in the US. The holiday was established in 1994 as a day when we can celebrate and honor our parents for their role in shaping us as individuals. Instead of celebrating your dad in June or your mom in May, Parents’ Day is a great opportunity to bring your parents together and show them both your appreciation. Afterall, parenting is no easy feat! 

Whether you want to celebrate your biological parents, adoptive parents, surrogate parents, or loving family members who have helped you become who you are today, we’ve got some great ideas for you to honor the again adults in your life.  

Spend Quality Time Together 

Nothing says “I love you” more than spending quality time with those you love. Because Parents’ Day is on a Sunday, many of us won’t have to work. That means you can arrange to spend time with your parents. Set aside your other commitments and do something together that the whole family can enjoy. When planning activities, make sure you consider your parents’ health and potential limitations.  

Here are some activities they might like: 

  • Family movie night 
  • Dinner together at home or a favorite restaurant 
  • Video chat (if you aren’t able to be with them in person)
  • Go to a museum 
  • Tell stories and listen to those of your parents 
  • Try a new activity — like painting, yoga, etc. 

Give Back 

Another great way to spend Parents’ Day this year is by giving back to your parents through service. Has your mom been complaining about a leaky faucet? Does your dad need assistance to clean up the garage? You can complete a project around their house to show how much you care about them. If there aren’t any big projects, then you can simply help out with the daily chores — dishes, laundry, decluttering, washing the car, etc. Find ways to help out to allow your loved one to rest. 

Plan a Party 

If your parents enjoy a good party, then you can arrange a nice party with their neighbors, friends, and, of course, the rest of the family. You can decorate the house, serve your parent’ favorite foods, and enjoy games or activities together. A party is a great way to make new memories together and put the spotlight on your parents. However, not everyone is a fan of parties. So, avoid this option if your parents don’t like to be in the spotlight or prefer a quiet evening at home over a big celebration. 

Take Family Photos 

If you haven’t taken photos with your parents in a while, Parents’ Day is a great opportunity to do that. Gather your siblings and all the grandkids to take a family photo together. You can either arrange a professional photoshoot or take some photos outdoors. You can then frame a photo or make a small photobook to give your parents as a reminder of the amazing family they’ve created. 

Pick Out a Gift 

You can help your parents feel special with a gift picked out just for them. Get something they can both enjoy, or just treat them each to individualized gifts. When thinking about what to give your parents, try to think about what they would appreciate along with what might make their lives a little easier.  

You can check out these blog posts to get some ideas: 

Include Your Kids 

You might be a parent yourself. As you celebrate your parents, try to include your children as well. This can help them learn more about their grandparents and understand the value of the family unit. Depending on the ages of your kids, you could help them make crafts, record a video, get their help with chores, etc. If your family doesn’t live near your parents or if your parents are deceased, you can share your favorite family memories with them 

Say What You Feel 

As children, we often don’t tell our parents how much we love them or how much we appreciate all that they’ve done for us. One way to make Parents’ Day special this year is to express how you feel. While a heartfelt, personalized card is great, you should also tell them face-to-face or over the phone. Share your gratitude and some of your favorite memories. Often, this will mean more to your aging parent than a gift or a fun activity. 


At Caring Senior Service, we understand the challenges that come with aging. If your parents need assistance with tasks of daily living, Parents’ Day may be just the opportunity to talk to them about home care and getting extra help during the day.

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