Celebrate Father's Day with Tech Gifts for Grandpa

By Ruby Cemental

Father's Day is the day to celebrate all of the important men in your life. Whether it be your father, step-father, or grandfather you're going to want to make this day special! Why not try doing something a little different this year? Help the senior in your life get accustomed to the new age; get them a technology based gift! Helping your senior delve into the technological age will make their lives easier, more fulfilling, and exciting. Learning new things helps keep the mind malleable and strong!

Tech Gift Ideas for Seniors

Here are some ideas of techie gifts for all the seniors out there:

  1. New phone: Of course, set aside some time to teach them how to operate the phone. This is going to be a great bonding and learning experience for the two of you. 

  2. Kindle: The Kindle would be an awesome gift for your senior if they are passionate about reading. Kindles are durable, easy to use, and rather inexpensive. Get a head start and upload some of your senior's favorite books on it for them to make the gift more special.

  3. Smartwatch: A watch is a practical, fashionable gift to get for your senior. Smartwatches have been on the rise and there are dozens to choose from. It may be a good idea to consider pairing the watch with a phone. For example, if your senior owns Apple products, get them an Apple smartwatch. This will make the learning curve less drastic for them.

  4. Google Home or Amazon Echo: Smart home products, like Amazon Echo, will definitely require some getting used to, but they will absolutely make things simpler for your senior. As your grandparent ages, these voice-activated technology can help them maintain their quality of life and can even engage seniors with dementia

  5. Digital picture frame: Help your grandparents keep all their family photos on display without taking up a lot of room. A digital picture frame is a great way to show off the grandkids. Many digital frames can download pictures from the internet or Facebook albums, making them easy to use and update. 

  6. Digital doorbell: If your grandparents want to keep a close eye on their home while they're away or if they want to see who's at the door without getting up, a digital doorbell, like Ring, is a great way to do it. They can detect motion and record videos of who comes to the door. 

  7. Roku or Apple TV: Streaming devices, such as Roku, can turn regular televisions into smart ones. They allow your grandparents to watch their favorite programs, and some even have voice control.

  8. Smart water bottle: To help keep your grandparents hydrated, consider a smart water bottle. It's not a necessity, but it is pretty cool! A smart water bottle can track how much water you drink and can give you friendly reminders to keep drinking more water. 

Gift shopping for seniors can be a challenge. For more ideas on what to get your grandparent, check out our eBook on Senior Care Products of the Future. Access all of our free content resources by first finding your local Caring office

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