Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day

By Ruby Cemental

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking of appropriate gifts for the senior moms in your life. Buying a gift for anyone can be difficult, but buying gifts for your mom is even harder. You want it to be something sensible, yet heartwarming, and this combination can be hard to find. Check out our list of Mother's Day gifts for the senior mom in your life below!

Re-purposed Old Photos

Memories make fantastic gifts. Find an old photo that would represent a special moment to your beloved Mother's Day senior and present it freshly framed or in a collage with other photos.

Memory Paving Stones

Have a garden paving stone engraved with a special message or memory.

Gourmet Coffees & Teas

If your special senior enjoys coffee or tea, find great gourmet flavors to offer as a Mother's Day gift. She will enjoy receiving this type of gift that she might not normally buy for herself.

Blankets & Quilts

There are talented folks out there who knit beautiful quilts and blankets, sometimes featuring memory specific materials or pictures of family. Present this as a useful gift that warms the body and heart.

Take a Trip

If your Mother's Day senior is physically capable, plan a trip. Whether it's a cruise or bucket list destination, if you're loved one can travel, she will love it. Even smaller, local excursions to local national parks, shopping centers with unique shops or casinos can be great for your beloved senior.

The Children and Grandchildren Helper Services

Have the young ones in your family create a list of services to make available to your special senior. Coupons for 'one free yard mowing' or 'one free car wash' can be great sentimental gifts that encourage your children and grandchildren to bond with her this summer.

Technology Gifts

Some seniors struggle with new technology gifts, but maybe you can find something that inspires ease of use, functional purpose or healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ideas for tech that your mom might appreciate. 

  • Motion Light Switch Sensor: As we age, seeing in the dark can present real safety issues. This motion light sensor can detect any motion, so when your senior mom enters and leaves a space, the light will turn on and off for her. 

  • Magnetic Necklace Clasp: Has your mom stopped wearing her necklaces? Perhaps it is because her fingers have lost their dexterity. Consider gifting her a magnetic necklace clasp, and then she will be able to wear her jewelry without worrying about taking it on and off. 

  • Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File: Taking care of dry skin and calluses on feet can be quite difficult. Purchase an electronic foot file to help your mom get the job done. This tool is waterproof, meaning that your mom can use it when she is in the bath.

  • Professional Curling Wand: We all love to have gorgeous hair, right? However, like most tasks, it gets considerably harder as we age. Purchase your mom a professional curling wand that is wrapped in a brush. It protects from burned hair, skin, and fingertips. 

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Cleaning the house has always been a chore, but like we have said before, everything gets more difficult with age. Purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner and let it do the work for you mom this Mother's Day. It is able to get under beds, chairs, couches, and maneuver around furniture with ease. You can even set it on a schedule to run at a certain time each day. There are several different versions, so do your research and pick the one you think would be best for your mom.

Don't forget, the best gift that you can give your senior mom this Mother's Day is love. For more ideas on products seniors love, check out our guide to senior product of the future. Access our free content library by first finding your local Caring Senior Service.

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