Senior Safety while Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

By Ruby Cemental

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, although not official holidays, have become a big part of the season. But what is happening on those dates? Also, why do seniors in particular need to think about safety before they decide to participate? Let us take a look at each event.

Black Friday

Often called the official start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday happens every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It's often one of the biggest shopping days of the year. 

Because many people have the day off, retailers offer deep discounts on various items from shoes to cars. However, sales prices are usually offered for a certain window during the day and for just a small quantity of the item. For example, a TV on sale for $89.00 might only be available from 7 AM to 9 AM and only about 10 might be available at that price.

Some shoppers are so set on getting the item they have scouted for weeks that they lose their heads in order to obtain it.

Tips for Seniors:

  • Do research before you go out shopping. Check store hours and sales hours.

  • Take someone with you to help navigate stores and crowds. 

  • Check for available deals online to avoid having to go to a physical store. 

  • Bring someone with you, especially if you are planning on getting heavy or large items. 

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving and, as the word cyber indicates, involves online shopping only. The term was presented in 2005 when researchers realized that millions of consumers, despite the Black Friday sales, still stick to online shopping for their holiday gifts or personal items.

Seniors will find this option safer and much more convenient. There is no need to get up at the crack of dawn to be the first on line, no traffic to navigate through, and definitely no aggressive crowds to contend with.

Granted, online shopping might be something many seniors have never tried. But, looking at a few of your favorite stores' websites, you will find that it is quite easy. You will likely wish you had tried it sooner.

Tips for Seniors:

  • Compare prices across the web. You may find a better deal somewhere else. 

  • Watch out for spam. If a deal looks too good to be true... it just might be. 

  • Use vendors you are already familiar with.

  • Shop from a secure computer that has antivirus software—just in case.

  • Charge your credit card over your debit card. Credit cards have more protection from fraud.

Where to Shop

Many of the stores that have Black Friday deals will also have deals on their websites on Cyber Monday. In fact, some of those deals will begin now and stretch throughout the shopping season. There are also a number of reputable online retailers that make shopping simple.

  • Amazon offers a wide range of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

  • Target offers most of the same deals online that they do in stores.

  • Kohls and JC Penney offer similar deals online that they do in stores. 

  • Think Geek offers a wide selection of fantastic Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers online.

  • Check out your favorite retailers and see if they have a website: in many cases, they'll have great deals up and running for Cyber Monday.

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