How Volunteering Stimulates Mental Growth

By Ruby Cemental

Volunteer work should have no age limits! Kids, adults, and even seniors should do it. Volunteering provides numerous benefits, but the most important one is helping other people in need. But that's not the only benefit you should focus on. When you volunteer, you also grow and change as a person. It provides opportunities for mental growth. In this post, we will talk about how volunteering with seniors can help you grow as a person and stimulate personal growth.

Volunteering With Seniors

One way to give back to the community is to volunteer to help the elderly. These seniors have lived long, full lives and have supported their communities through the years. There's a lot we can learn from them along the way. Additionally, many seniors need the extra assistance as aging comes with its own challenges and difficulties.

You can volunteer to help seniors by being a part of a conversation group where you can be involved in exchanging stories and starting conversations. Many seniors just want to be heard, so simply being there if they need someone to talk to and spend some time means a lot. They are full of different life experiences, and it is a great opportunity to be more compassionate, patient, and learn the value of life. You may even pick up good advice along the way.

If you are looking for a more concrete type of help, you can always help them with house chores, grocery shopping, cleaning their yard, or other daily tasks. When considering more involved types of volunteering, you can try and enroll in aged care courses and learn more about the various opportunities and gain some proper knowledge on how to do it right.

Impact of Volunteering

Remember that you are not just helping them, but you're also helping out their families. You are improving the lives of seniors around you and helping families with some of their responsibilities. And at the end of a day of volunteering, we feel love and empathy, which results in creating more meaningful relationships with everyone around us.

When involving yourself in this noble cause, you're not just helping people but you gain a sense of purpose as well, which reflects on your mental health. One smile for another person who you helped by doing something so small in your eyes but something great for them,\ makes you fulfill and genuinely happy person. 

But not only that. There are some feelings that are common among seniors and young adults as well, known as social isolation and loneliness. Volunteering can help alleviate this feeling of loneliness in both yourself and the senior you are helping.

Career Choices & Volunteer Work

In many cases, our career choice dictates how much volunteer work can do. That is why we are going to talk about some humane career choices that often include volunteering.

Recreation therapists, home and health aides, and caregivers are all career choices that will allow you to work with the elderly and help them in their everyday life. We have already mentioned the benefits of helping others, but these career opportunities allow you to be fully immersed in helping others. Plus, they provide you with lots of experience and opportunities to learn from the elderly and their wisdom.

Any job in the healthcare field is a great opportunity on its own since you are helping people maintain or even improve their quality of life. Each day in this field will teach you gratitude, compassion, and how to appreciate life even more. You can bring a smile to a senior's face and help them make each day a good one.

Whenever you are trying to find the meaning in your life, want to make a change, or just have some free time on your hands, try volunteer work — or even make caring for others a career.  It will enrich your soul and bring you a sense of accomplishment because you know you have helped someone else. After all, it's when we are giving that we feel the happiest.

If you are thinking of helping care for seniors, as a career or as a volunteer, you may find our Caregiver Toolkit useful. It contains resources and tips for caregivers. Access all our free resources by first finding your local Caring Senior Service

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