Supplement Your Income by Helping Seniors

By Del Salinas

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many families may be struggling to make ends meet. Many companies have been forced to lay off or furlough staff members. Even with unemployment payments coming in, being at home with nothing to do can take a toll mentally, and the paychecks may not be enough to compensate for incoming billsIf you are looking for a job opportunity, consider caregiving. In this post, we will explore why caregiving could be a great option to supplement your income during this pandemic and beyond 

Flexible Hours 

If you are helping kids with school work, going through school yourself, or trying to run a household, it can be difficult to find a job that can accommodate your schedule. Caregiving provides the opportunity to pick up hours when you are available and when you want to work. Caring Senior Service has a great caregiver matching program to pair you with the right client based on your availability, preferences, and skills. If you only want to work a few hours a week, that’s great. If you want to work a full work week, we can make that happen too.  

As a caregiver, you can pick up shifts when it’s convenient for you and your family. Because of the flexibility, you can also fit caregiving into a part-time work schedule. Caregiving can provide you with the extra hours you might need during this time. 

Low Barriers to Entry 

Becoming a caregiver doesn’t require years of training or schooling. In fact, the field has fairly low barriers to entry compared to other jobs in the healthcare field. Qualifications for caregivers varies from state to state and from agency to agency. This makes it easier to become a caregiver with little experience. 

At Caring Senior Service, we require our caregivers to pass a national background check. We will also conduct an extensive interview with you to help determine if you have the qualities that we are looking for. We usually require our caregivers to have a CAN license or at least a year of experience working with seniors. However, we can work with you and consider your life experience. Once hired, we provide on-the-job training so that you can deliver our GreatCare to each client. 

Build Relationships 

As a caregiver, you will be able to work closely with seniors and may interact with their family members as well. This job is a great opportunity to build relationships with individuals in the community. Caregiving is often a very rewarding experience because you can truly make a difference in someone’s life. The care you provide can help seniors maintain or increase their quality of life. Listening to the stories of older adults, you can also get a different perspective on life and learn from their experiences. 

Plus, having meaningful work to do can help take your mind off of life’s daily stressors and the difficulties of this pandemic. A caregiver can help you find purpose if you’ve been feeling down or unproductive in recent weeks or months. 

Job Security 

The senior population continues to grow, with more adults reaching 65 every day. The general preference of older adults is to age from the comfort of their own home. This generation of seniors will need care as they face the challenges that come with aging: loss of mobility, decreased independence, chronic conditions, cognitive decline, etc. This increasing number of seniors needed care provides job security and opportunity for caregivers — and this isn’t the case in all career fields. 

Creative Thinking 

A job as a caregiver is unique because you get to be creative and solve everyday problems with your client. Instead of sitting at a desk or staring at a computer all day, you can experience life with your client and tackle problems togetherEach day at work can be completely different, so you can avoid the monotony of some other career fields. One day you may need to help prepare meals for a client using the ingredients in their pantry, and the next day, you may provide transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment. This aspect of caregiving allows you to think on your feet as you figure out the best ways to help your client and meet their needs or preferences. 

Easy Technology 

At Caring Senior Service, we provide an easy-to-use platform for caregivers to track their shifts and leave visit notes after each session. We leave a tablet in every client’s home that come pre-programmed with our Tendio software. Caregivers and clients alike have unique logins to this platform, which can be accessed on tablets, mobile devices, and computers. Caregivers can clock in and out on the software, review client service plans, and communicate with Caring Senior Service staff members without going into the office. This technology can make your job as a caregiver easier since all the information you need will be centralized. 

With this information in mind, we hope that you will see how beneficial a caregiving career can be. To start your career as a caregiver at Caring Senior Serviceapply today on our website. We know that caregiving can be a rewarding experience for you while also providing some extra income. We are welcoming new clients and new caregivers more than ever right now. Fill out our online application, and we will get in touch with you soon.  

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