Learn and Preserve Your Family History

By Michelle Cemental

Connections are an important part of our culture. It is human nature to seek out connections with other individuals. Families and ancestors can help create a strong sense of connection.  Often times we can feel alone; however, when we search out and learn about our ancestors, it can sometimes provide us with the sense of belonging or the answers of which we are in need. We feel part of something greater than ourselves. Every family has a unique heritage; and it's worth preserving.

Tips to Preserve Your Family History

  • Interview family members and share their stories: Preserving living memory and connecting with family members are important aspects of family history. Capture your family's legacy by interviewing different members of the family and learning more about their life and experiences. 

  • Take and share photos: Taking photos of living relatives, heirlooms, family gatherings, etc., can provide powerful experiences for future generations. It's always fun to look through old scrapbooks and see how people lived and dressed back in the day. Plus, there are many digital platforms that let you upload and store photos. For example, the photo sharing application on allows you to upload photos and add names, descriptions, and other information.

  • Record what you learn: As you begin learning more about your ancestors, add their information to your family tree and share it with family members. Using a digital recorder, smartphone app, or camera allows you not only to preserve stories but also to share them with other family members and preserve them for future generations.

  • Start a personal or family blog: Keeping a personal or family blog can be a fun way to record important life experiences for future posterity and also share them with living family and friends. Many online blogging services are free and easy to use. 

  • Make use of social media: Take advantage of the sharing tools online to share photos, images of important documents, or other updates with your family through social media. If some of your family members aren't sure how social media works, we've got an easy guide to help them! Find the Caring location near you to access our free downloadable resource library.

Family history is much more than dates, records, and research.  It can provide strength, sense of pride and belonging. And in some cases a sense of purpose. It can connect past, present, and future generations. Take the time to discover your family history.

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