Weathering the Storm: Keeping Seniors Safe during Storm Season

By Ruby Cemental

The safety of our beloved seniors is of utmost importance to us. Now that storm season has officially arrived, making sure our elderly loved ones have what they need in case of emergencies is a definite priority. With the following tips, you can be sure that your senior can safely weather the storm season without worry.

Have a Strategy

Have an evacuation strategy in place. Plan what you will do in the event that an evacuation is needed, and make sure your senior fully understands and agrees with each point. Talk to the elderly person about what will need to be done in the event of a severe storm, including who to call, and where important things are kept.

Keep Emergency Supplies on Hand

Make sure there is a stash of emergency supplies available where your loved one can easily access it. You'll need to have plenty of bottled water, canned goods, and a manual can opener. A supply of non-perishable food is a necessity for any emergency preparation. Canned goods are an excellent choice for emergency preparation.

Prepare a Kit

Have a kit with emergency phone numbers, a flashlight and extra batteries, medical devices, pharmacy contact information, important papers, and a first aid kit. If the senior is on daily medication, make sure there is enough for at least three days. 

Appoint Someone to do Checks

Someone needs to be appointed to be the person who checks up on the elderly one in case of emergency. This person should be in charge of phone calls and home visits. Don't just assume that a friend or family member will do it.

Use Technology

Many seniors don't take advantage of technology such as cell phones. It is a good idea to provide your loved one with a cellular phone and make sure they not only know how to use it but keep it fully charged in case of emergency. Keep it in a place that is convenient and accessible to the elderly person, and program the phone with all important numbers, including 911.

Remember Medications

Many seniors have health issues that need to be treated with medication. These medications could be for things like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or cardiac problems. It's important to have enough medication on hand for at least several days. Basic over the counter medications are also beneficial to keep on hand. Keep a cooler on hand for medications that need to be refrigerated.

Having a plan in place eliminates the worry that comes along with potentially dangerous situations. By making sure you are fully prepared, you can keep your senior safe during storm season. If you have any questions, contact your local Caring office today!

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