Best Durable Medical Equipment after Hip Replacement

By Michael Watson

If you or your loved one has been suffering from hip joint pain, you are most likely looking forward to the relief hip replacement surgery can offer. The reality of getting to that pain-free existence, however, involves a recovery period of up to 12 weeks.

Within that time frame, it's critical to follow your doctor's orders to avoid displacement, injury, or infection. It's advisable to plan ahead for your home care by preparing the durable medical equipment (DME) you may need throughout the healing process. Begin by asking your doctor or medical facility and insurance company which items they supply. To help get you started, we've provided a guide for post-hip replacement care and a DME list of items to consider for each area of the home.


Bedside Commode

While it is generally recommended to begin walking short distances after hip surgery, some patients may struggle with safely making their way to the bathroom. A temporary solution to prevent injury or fatigue is setting up a bedside commode. It should have armrests and height adjustment.

Our Recommendation

Drive Medical Steel Folding Bedside Commode is both top-rated and affordable. It features welded steel construction for durability with a snap-on plastic seat and lid. The 7.5-quart bucket is equipped with a splash guard and handle for ease while cleaning.

Bed Rail

Getting in and out of bed post-surgery will take extra care, especially during the first part of the healing process. A sturdy bed rail helps alleviate the challenges of maneuvering, and, if you choose one that is equipped with a pocket, you can keep needed items within easily-accessible reach while in bed.

Our Recommendation

Medical Bed Rail Assist and Height Adjustable Grab Bar Handle for Adults and Seniors is adjustable for all bed sizes as well as varying heights. Adjust the pushpin feature to secure the legs in place on the floor, and attach the strap through the rail's loops and around the box spring and bed frame before tightly buckling into place. The slip-resistant foam padded handle adds comfort and a secure grip for raising your senior up into a seated or standing position. Keep medications, cell phone, or medical alert device inside the rail's attached pocket.


Toilet Riser with Grab Bar

An elevated toilet seat is a necessary piece of equipment for anyone recovering from surgery. The riser is clipped to the toilet bowl and adds several inches of lift to provide more comfort while adjusting the body between standing and sitting positions. If your senior does not have a counter next to the commode or a sturdy grab bar, a raised seat with attached armrests is highly recommended.

Our Recommendation

Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat is a commode booster seat with removable padded grab bars. It provides an extra 4 inches of seat height. The locking device comes in 2 sizes to accommodate either a standard or elongated bowl. The removable armrests are padded with a slip-resistant grip material and are also adjustable to the desired height.

Shower Aids

The shower area can prove a particularly risky enterprise if not properly equipped with well-placed aids to assist your senior. Your loved one will undoubtedly value the sense of independence that comes with being able to bathe without another person's assistance.

Our Recommendations

Vive Non-Slip Shower Mat adds security to the shower or tub floor. A strong rubber grip material is essential to prevent dangerous slips and falls.

Vive Metal Grab Bar mounts directly onto your shower wall to add needed support and allow for maneuverability. Your senior can grab onto it while lowering onto or rising off of a shower seat. It also assists with balance while standing during a shower.

Vaunn Medical Bathtub Shower Lift Chair provides security and comfort for your senior to independently shower.


As your senior's mobility improves, some areas of the home may still present challenges. Providing access to out-of-reach shelves or a comfortable sitting space are 2 ways to improve the quality of life.

Non-Slip Step

A non-slip step offers a few additional inches of height when a little extra is needed to reach a low shelf or safely step between floor levels. A lightweight and skid-resistant model is essential to keep a senior safe.

Our RecommendationS

Non-Slip Mobility Step adds 4 inches of height and is constructed of slip-resistant rubber tread with air holes for moisture reduction.

Raised Seat Cushion

Provide your seniors with added lift and comfort while they're seated at the kitchen or dining table.


Seat Cushion Pillow helps maintain good posture and the natural curve of the spine while adding memory foam comfort packaged in a skid-resistant cover.

Living Room

Stand Assist

A versatile DME item, a stand assist can be used in a variety of rooms and situations. Whether your loved one's favorite spot is seated in an upholstered chair or on the sofa, a stand assist provides a comfortable means to maneuver onto and off of the furniture.


Able Life Universal Stand Assist comes with dual support handles for easy grip and stability while preventing falls. An adjustable frame fits either around the seat cushion or between the cushion and frame. Once the proper seat size is determined, the legs are adjusted for proper floor height and secured.

Caring Senior Service provides a comprehensive care package customized to you or your loved one's needs. One of the many programs we offer is dedicated specifically to those recovering from hip or knee surgery. We also offer a complete guide to hip and knee replacement to help families and their aging loved ones understand all that surgery entails. Reach out to your local Caring office to learn more.

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