Dementia-Friendly Cruise: An Experience to Remember

By Ruby Cemental

If you or a loved one is dealing with the early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia, then you may understand the challenges of living with these conditions. Simple tasks can become confusing, and memories can grow hazy and grainy when you aren't looking. It can be hard to find something to grab onto so you can anchor yourself, and it can be just as hard when you're trying to be your loved one's anchor.

A dementia-friendly cruise can help you and your loved ones be better prepared for the days to come. Let's learn more about what a dementia-friendly cruise is and how it can be beneficial for both aging seniors and their family members.

Why A Cruise?

While it may not seem worth it to take your aging loved one with dementia on a cruise, it can actually be a great source of joy and excitement for them. Cruises can provide a beautiful and relaxing environment with scenic views that both caregivers and those with dementia can enjoy. However, taking your loved one with you will require special planning, patience, and flexibility.

That's where a dementia-friendly cruise comes into play. These types of cruises are specifically tailored to caregivers and their loved ones with Alzheimer's or dementia. Staff members often include geriatric care professionals that can help provide support and respite to caregivers. Additionally, the cruise will have senior-friendly activities that are geared toward engaging seniors with dementia.

Staff members on these cruises are accustomed to the unique behaviors and symptoms of dementia and can help provide a relaxing experience for all. Additionally, they are prepared to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, elevated toilet seats, shower chairs, and additional DME to help seniors feel comfortable and safe on the cruise ship.

Many of these cruises provide support groups as well so that you can enjoy happy moments with your loved ones and learn more about how to care for them. Caregivers can gather information about the diagnosis that they can use to care for their loved one more lovingly and effectively. Additionally, caretakers can meet other family caregivers, trade tips, and vent about common frustrations in a safe environment. 

To learn more about how to make your vacation cruise amazing with our Caregiver Vacation Checklist. Access our free content library by first finding your local Caring Senior Service. 

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