Best Summer Vacation Spots for Seniors

By Ruby Cemental

One part of summer that many people enjoy is going on vacation. During the winter, most beaches and tourist attractions are often too cold or windy to enjoy. The summer changes all of this. However, for seniors looking to go on vacation, it may be hard to find senior-friendly locations. Here are a few of our top vacation spots for seniors!

Top Cities

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a place where people of all ages, races, educational levels, socioeconomic levels and so on come together to enjoy the spectacular and the ornate. Not only is there an endless amount of activities to partake in—from gambling and magic shows to picturesque landscapes and beautiful hotels, but the hotel and meal rates are affordable and, with a high police presence, the city is safe. 

Washington D.C.

The capital of the United States has so much to see and do that it makes for a great vacation at any time of the year. The summer months can be a particularly fun time to go and visit this historical city—especially closer to the Fourth of July. The convenient aspect of sightseeing in D.C. is that everything is within walking distance. And, if it's not, a short metro ride is affordable and simple to take. For obvious reasons, police presence is extremely high around the city, making it a very safe place to come and visit. 

Baltimore, Maryland

It might surprise some that Baltimore would make this list. However, after recent violence in the city, a new tide is turning. The police have an improved relationship with the community and local government is beginning to address the concerns of the disenfranchised. In addition, Baltimore has never been a city that was associated with crimes against the elderly. Quite the opposite actually. In addition, the city boasts everything from historical ships and buildings to niche boutiques and interesting little restaurants. There are also several professional sports teams that are located in Baltimore for the senior sports enthusiasts. 

Knoxville, Tennessee

Known as one of the gates to the Appalachians, Knoxville is a scenic city that hikers and outdoorsmen will thoroughly enjoy at any time of year. There is also nearby Pigeon Forge and Dollywood, which can make for a fun day of shopping, eating and quirky activities. Spending more time in Pigeon Forge might be ideal as there are more activities and it is inside of the Appalachian Mountains. There are also lots of family, children and senior deals that allow for an enjoyable vacation at an affordable price. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you would like to get a taste for French culture, but you are traveling on a budget, New Orleans is a good option. The city has French heritage sewn into its very core, but with a unique twist. Tourists to the city will get to enjoy the welcoming hospitality of the deep south, the classic Cajun cuisine and the unique history of a unique city. 

Orlando, Florida

This is a great location for seniors, whether they are traveling with their family or with friends their own age. For the roller coaster junkies, there is a seemingly endless supply. And for those who would rather relax by the ocean, Coco and Daytona beaches are only a short drive away. Because of the large volume of tourists that travel through the city every year, there is a heavy police presence in an effort to make it safer and more family friendly.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Where better to celebrate Independence Day than in the city where the Constitution was signed? This historical location will provide elderly tourists with delicious food that is unique to the city and plenty of historical sites to see. 

Port Townsend, Washington

Just across the Puget Sound from Seattle, Port Townsend is a quiet little town that almost seems from another time. Victorian houses line the streets and in the center of town are several little coffee shops and restaurants. Another charming aspect of this small town is that it offers arts and craft fairs throughout the summer, which can be fun to visit before a walk along the bay. 

Montreal, Canada

This European styled city is a great destination without the over-sea travel and expense. It is a favored destination for Americans and Canadians because of its rich cultural districts, restaurants, shops, museums and park areas. It is the largest city in Quebec and is mostly French-speaking. Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada with a host of great family fun activities.

Oak Island, North Carolina

In the summer, this little town grows significantly, but it keeps its laid-back feel. The town is scattered with antique shops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. There are also plenty of activities to keep you busy, including boat trips, golfing and walking on the beach.

Georgetown County, South Carolina

This sleepy town has the nickname of South Carolina's Hammock Coast. It is a relaxed haven where many seniors come to enjoy their summer. There is fishing, kayaking, hiking and more available and you have the option of staying in the city, which has traditional southern-style architecture, or by the ocean.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The climate here is dry and friendly with absolutely tremendous natural beauty, architecture and a friendly slow pace that allows the enjoyment of art and the outdoors. The perfect place to go to escape the congestion of one's everyday life yet have access to unique art, food and activities that are safe and affordable.


For more information about taking care of seniors, reach out to the Caring Senior Service team near you.

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