Awesome Ways Baby Boomers Are Reshaping Retirement

By Ruby Cemental

Thanks to modern technology and medicine, seniors are living longer! And as baby boomers retire, they want to fill up their time with meaningful activities, meaning retirement doesn't look like it used to. They are doing some pretty awesome things in their retirement and really shaping that way that retirement is viewed. Here are some ways that they are redefining retirement.

Running Races

One awesome way that baby boomers are really reshaping retirement is by spending their time entering and training for races. These races range in length from a simple one mile run to a full 26.2 mile marathon. These baby boomers are in such great health that they are able to fully train for these races and accomplish feats that previous retired seniors never dreamed of completing. In fact, many of these baby boomers run multiple races a year and PR in many of them. 

Going on Backpacking Trips 

Baby boomers also like to spend a lot of their time outdoors during their retirement. One fun outdoor activity that many baby boomers are involved in is backpacking. They go on a variety of hikes with just their backpacks and spend the night camping under the stars. Their backpacks have all that they need in terms of food and supplies and it is a great way to adventure and see the outdoors in their retirement. 

Taking Vacations 

Vacationing in retirement is something that baby boomers also greatly enjoy. Going on tropical vacations is a popular choice because it gives them the opportunity to stay active by going surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and more. They can also enjoy the sunshine, the ocean, and all of the sea life. Many seniors are visiting these top cities around the US as well as traveling abroad. 


Many baby boomers retire from one job and then pick up another one. Baby boomers are turning to volunteering, nonprofits, and even starting a business to fulfill their goals and fill their time. Baby boomers are working because they want to and because they still have goals they want to achieve. 

Retirement is a great thing for baby boomers because it gives them the opportunity to run races, go on backpacking trips, and even take tropical vacations. For more information on retirement, check out our post: Planning Retirement: Are You Ready?

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