Using Alexa for Seniors with Dementia

By Michelle Cemental

The Amazon Echo or, Alexa is a voice-activated technology device.  Unlike other voice-activated technologies, Alexa is screenless. While many kids are learning to utilize Alexa to help with homework or provide entertainment, Alexa is for seniors too! Alexa makes a great tool for engaging loved ones with dementia. Below are a few ways in which Alexa can engage and help your loved one with dementia.

Medication Reminders

Using the remind feature, Alexa can be set up to remind your loved one whenever it's time to take their medication. This is helpful for those with dementia since remembering the exact time to take medication can be very difficult.

Weather, Traffic & News Updates

Alexa can also report the weather, traffic, and news. Those suffering from dementia can have trouble reading the newspaper or getting the news from television. Alexa can also be programmed to set up weather and traffic alerts.


Alexa can provide entertainment for those with dementia. Amazon’s Echo has programs that tell riddles as well as jokes and stories. These features can provide hours of entertainment for your loved one. 

Alexa can also play music and audiobooks. The voice-activated nature of Alexa makes this feature very useful for those suffering from dementia and can give your loved one access to unlimited audiobooks and music.

Answer Questions

Those suffering from dementia have trouble remembering facts ranging from the current president to what day of the week it is. By enabling the questioning mode, Alexa can answer all your loved one’s questions. This can help your loved one feel more comfortable and less confused in their environment.

Reliable Calendar

Seniors with dementia may have a hard time remembering the date and time. Alexa can provide that information to your loved ones whenever they need a reminder. 

Keep Track of Lists

Alexa offers an easy way for your senior to keep track of necessary purchases or lists. Your loved one only needs to speak about the items they need to add to their shopping list or review things they need to get around the house, and Alexa will record it for them. It will remain on the app until they need to refer to it again.

Smart Appliances

With Alexa's voice commands, seniors can simply call out and have Alexa control the lights or adjust smart appliance settings. Seniors with smart technology can control the thermostat, turn on the TV, adjust the oven temperature, monitor security systems, and more. 

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