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In need of a Caregiver? If so, I recommend Nancy N. from Caring Senior Service of Fredericksburg. [She is] a woman who is uncommonly generous, considerate, thoughtful, and kind.I watched out for my neighbor who was 93-years-old when she couldn’t take care of herself anymore. When one of her family members hired Caring Senior Service of Fredericksburg, it was a dream come true. My neighbor was in the last stages of kidney failure when Nancy and CSS joined us. She came in, talked to her, made her comfortable, and gave me very good instruction on how to care for her. I couldn’t have cared for the lady without Caring Senior Service’s guidance and advice.

Nancy was the nicest, most compassionate person I have ever met. Her knowledge and experience were heaven sent. She went above and beyond the expectations of a caregiver—she even cleaned the lady’s house at night while sitting with her. The house had not had housekeeping attention for years due to the woman’s fear of others in her house.

Caring Senior Service made things so easy for the family by just being there to attend to the lady.  Even when she was 48 hours without sleep, Nancy came in when an employee called in sick and couldn’t care for the woman. You will never meet a more caring and honest person.

Caring Senior Service made the lady’s passing comfortable and warm. Even after the lady was gone, Caring Senior Service was there for the family. What a blessing it is to have had the opportunity to meet Nancy and Caring Senior Service.

I thank Nancy and Caring Senior Service with all of my heart. They are attentive, supportive, professional, and compassionate caregivers as well as very special people.

-Lisa F.

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