Taking Care of America's Seniors

Taking Care of Americas Seniors - The importance of Homecare


Of the many significant forces shaping the United States as a whole none is so inevitable and invisible as the sheer march of time for today‚Äôs senior population. In the 1950's less than 10 percent of the country was older than 65. That share will double to 20 percent by 2050. The graying of America will touch everyone in some way in the not so distant future from the changing demographic of the work force to the increased amount of care support that will be needed to  assist the nations elderly. In short, aging will affect everything. It is important for seniors and their families, as well as healthcare professionals to become knowledgeable about the options available to help seniors navigate life after 65. One option available to seniors is homecare.   

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Taking Care of America's Seniors: The Importance of Homecare


  • The Impact of Homecare on the economy
  • The Impact of Homecare on the healthcare system
  • The Impact of Homecare for families
  • The Impact of Homecare for seniors

Also, included, stats on how fast the senior population is growing in America now and into the future.

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