CEO's Cross-County Bike Ride Featured in Home Health Care News

By Caring News

Home health care industry leaders are emphasizing the importance of advocacy. Caring CEO, Jeff Salter, had a chance to share how advocacy for Caring took the form of a cross-country bike ride in 2021. Jeff covered over 9,000 miles, visiting 50 locations in 20 states to celebrate his company's 30th anniversary.

What began as a celebration evolved into a home care advocacy tour that raised awareness about senior care in the home, technological advancements, and funds for grab bars in bathrooms for older adults.

Throughout the tour, Caring Senior Service engaged with local communities, including leaders, caregivers, and seniors, to understand their challenges and inspire change at the local level.

Jeff's journey also served as a metaphor for advocacy, emphasizing dedication, perseverance, and stepping outside one's comfort zone, despite setbacks. He noted that many lives would have been impacted if he had not completed the trip, underscoring the importance of advocacy in effecting change.

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