Announcing Caring's Caregiver of the Year 2023

By Caring News

Join us in celebrating Christina Divine, our extraordinary and well-deserved recipient of the Caregiver of the Year award for 2023! Christina, a dedicated member of the Caring team since 1997, has left an indelible mark on the lives of many with her unwavering commitment and compassionate care.

Based with the Caring team in Brazoria County, TX, Christina's impact extends far beyond her years of service. Her devotion to clients is nothing short of inspiring – from thoughtfully preparing homemade meals on weekends to assisting families in planning special occasions, Christina's care goes above and beyond to enhance the lives of all those she serves.

Passion is her driving force, and Christina remains actively engaged in the well-being of her clients, overcoming daily caregiving challenges with a perpetual smile and a heart full of positivity. Join us in expressing our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Christina for her outstanding contributions. Thank you, Christina, for embodying the true spirit of Caring Senior Service!

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