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A person's home should be a very safe place; however, for many seniors, it can actually be dangerous. A third of seniors fall each year, resulting in 2.5 million emergency room visits and over 700,000 hospitalizations annually. And most of these falls take place in the home.  

Don't wait for a fall to happen! Prevent falls by identifying and addressing hazards today. Use our free 43-Point Home Safety Assessment to remove threats and potential risks in your or a loved one's home.

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“Doing everything necessary to create a safer environment for [aging] relatives is of greater importance than before.” –

Some areas covered in our Home Safety Assessment:

  • Store items that are used often on lower shelves 
  • Check to see if grab bars are installed correctly where seniors need them 
  • Ensure rugs and doormats are non-slip to avoid falls


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"Unfortunately, as many people reach this stage of their lives, their mental faculties can decline, making home life much more hazardous and likely to result in injury or other types of unpleasant occurrences."

– Alarms.org

"Safety both in and out of home is a top priority for elders and there are many simple safety steps that will reduce the risk of accidents..."

– Parent Giving

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