Home Safety Assessment

A person's home should be a very safe place; however, for many seniors, it can actually be dangerous. This is because our bodies naturally slow down as we age, making maneuvering around the house more and more difficult.

At Caring Senior Service, we get calls regularly from families who need care as a result of an avoidable accident. No home can be 100% risk free, but you can make yourself aware of many of the common hazards by downloading this free 43 Point Home Safety Assessment.

You can print out the assessment and use it to make your home as safe as possible. Here are a few things addressed in the assessment:

  • Make sure rugs and doormats are non-slip

  • Check to see if grab bars are installed correctly and where needed

  • Store items that are used often on lower shelves

Download this free Home Safety Assessment to make sure you aren't overlooking any of the common safety concerns seniors face everyday while living at home.

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