Why Seniors Need a Vacation Too

By Ruby Cemental

After the doldrums of winter and the sometimes frenetic pace of spring, just hearing the words "summer" and "vacation" is tantalizing to the ear. Something about summer helps us all slow down to soak in the sunshine and enjoy the richness of time away from it all. But seniors may have their own reasons to go on vacation. Here are some compelling reasons why seniors deserve a vacation too.

Changes Your Perspective

It's amazing how a change of venue can lift mood, brighten outlook, and aid in creativity. Though the comforts of home and routine and normalcy are all good, sometimes we all need a shift in perspective. Visiting a different geographic location helps our minds see from other viewpoints, and garner ideas to take back with us and add to our lives.

After a few days on vacation, seniors returning home see with renewed focus and appreciate the comforts they missed, while excitedly seeing ways to implement new decorating, exercising, cooking, or entertaining ideas gleaned from time away. Although getting out of the house and traveling can be difficult, it is possible, and it's well worth it!

Strengthens Relationships

Though most families keep immeasurably busy schedules, a summer vacation can change the pace of your time together. Quick visits and phone calls are nice throughout the year, but summer vacation with family means you have time for deeper conversations, shared stories, and soaking in your family's culture. Some of your greatest shared memories meld during the magic of extended time away with family.

Provides Opportunity To Learn

Visiting new places, such as national monuments, museums, and other types of historical sites or places of learning, gives seniors the opportunity to learn a great deal while they are on summer vacation. This is often very eye opening and exciting for them and can give them ideas on books they would like to read throughout the year, or places that they would like to visit on their next trip. Learning helps them to stay sharp and it can go a long way in improving their memory. 

Relieves Stress

Stress can impact a senior's happiness and their mental health. During and after traveling, seniors report feeling much more relaxed and at ease. These feelings of stress relief can last for up to 3 weeks following a vacation! Relieving stress and anxiety helps to decrease feelings of loneliness, frustration, and depression in seniors.

Boosts Heart Health

There's no doubt that traveling boosts physical activity and gets those hearts pumping. Whether it's walking around museums, strolling along the beach, or simply sightseeing, these physical activities help seniors to stay healthy and in shape. Just make sure your loved one doesn't overdo it! A short walk along the beach every morning will bring a happy heart and happy mind.

The tremendous benefits for seniors of summer vacations leaves an important question, though. What are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation today! And if your loved one needs a helping hand on your trip, reach out to a Caring team near you

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