What Every Young Person Should Know About Old People

By Ruby Cemental

“They drive too slow, they hate new stuff and they smell funny.” Too often that is as far as the list goes for what the under-30 crowd believes about seniors. They might actually be right about all that, depending on who you compare them to. But is that all? Or are there better things to know about seniors? Here is a list of things young people should know about seniors. 

Seniors Aren't Like They Are Portrayed on TV

Many seniors are happy, healthy and well-adjusted but media often skips these images. The commercials on television, especially during working hours, depict your senior as “generally suffering from various forms of dysfunctional body parts requiring an abundance of medication whose side effects are listed in excruciating detail”, according to NextAvenue. Happily that picture is not accurate for many seniors. With responsible living, most seniors will avoid much of the pills-and-potions lifestyle.

They Can Give Good Advice

According to the Huffington Post, “For as long as humans have been humans, older people have played critically important roles as advice-givers.”  Your senior has already lived through the same human experiences their grandchildren will. The basic human life, minus the new technology, is still the same. Love, work, child-bearing and raising, sickness and health—all these and more haven’t significantly changed in their basics in a hundred years. Yes, the details have changed, but that gives a young person room to experiment with how these basics work now.

We All Become Seniors

Older people are just people like younger people are. In fact, some older people don’t even realize that they aren’t young and hip anymore. If we live long enough, we all go through our 20s. If we live long enough, we also become seniors. There is far more common ground than the younger person might understand.

Seniors Thrive On Socialization

The days of an old man whittling his time away at home are over. Today's seniors are active and ready to meet and mingle with people of all ages. So go ahead and host a family get together or ask your aging mom if she needs a ride to the community center. Getting out there and socializing isn't just fun, it helps prevent the negative effects of isolation.

They Have Feelings, Too

Just like the young, senior's are in tune to the things going on around them and pick up on rude comments or tension based on their age. This hurts their feelings and makes them doubt themselves. Young people need to spend time helping their senior loved ones feel empowered and confident.

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