Voting Options for Seniors

By Ruby Cemental

Voting is an American right possessed by every citizen. However, seniors often have trouble getting to the polls to cast their votes for the city, state, and national polls. It isn't necessary for seniors to physically show up to a polling place in order to vote, though. It's still one of the easiest ways, but if that's not an option, here are a few others you should know about.

Option #1: Absentee Voting

Absentee voting is an option meant for people who either can't or don't want to go to their polling place on election day. Every state has its own rules and regulations regarding absentee voting, but being unable to get to a polling place due to disability or inability is typically an acceptable reason to vote this way.

To absentee vote, you must register with local election officials in your area, and you must request an absentee ballot.

Option #2: Early Voting

Sometimes early voting is a better option for seniors. Early voting tends to draw fewer crowds, have shorter lines, and provide a simpler setup. So, while a senior may not be able to deal with the rigmarole of a regular voting day, casting an early ballot may put less of a strain on them and on their caregivers, who would need to chaperone them to the polls.

You will need to consult an early voting calendar for your area to find times and locations of early voting. This information is usually readily available online. 

Option #3: Mail-In Ballots

Mail-in ballots are not an available option in many places, but it is worth looking into. A mail-in ballot may be something your senior could take advantage of. Ask your local voter registration office if mail-in ballots are an option, and if so, how you can get one.

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