4 Practical Benefits of Virtual Reality for Seniors

By Michael Watson

Many seniors tend to shy away from new technology. Some may reason that certain devices are too difficult to learn to use, or that most are designed for young people. But the truth is that much of today's technology has practical benefits for seniors. This is certainly true in the case of virtual reality (VR). What is it and why is it worth considering?

The Facts About Virtual Reality

VR is a technology that allows a person to visualize or feel like they are in another environment. For example, VR can simulate the experience of being on a boat when in reality the user is sitting in an office. Devices have taken various forms over the years. Here are a few of our favorite models.

But how are these headsets being used to benefit seniors? Here are interesting 3 benefits!

1. Visiting Familiar Places

Imagine the pleasure of going back to the school playground you enjoyed while you were a child? Better yet, take a trip to the home in which you raised your family. VR combined with Google Maps can give you much more than a visual of familiar places. These technologies can work together to make you feel like you are walking through the neighborhood.

2. Easing Physical Pain

Do you look the other way when the doctor is sticking a needle into your arm, or doing something else that might cause you pain? Most of us do, and for good reason. Distractions can actually alleviate pain that we would otherwise be feeling. How significant would your joint pain feel if you were on a beach in Hawaii? Virtual Reality can take you there.

3. Help With Anxiety And Depression

If decreased mobility limits how often you are able to leave your residence, VR can help you to change surroundings. Although you will still be sitting at home, the sights and sounds generated feel so real that your mood can respond favorably.

4. Chronic Pain Relief

When getting blood drawn at the lab, many people look away from their arm, and with good reason. We can actually be distracted from physical pain. Using VR, many seniors are 'taking a break' from their physical discomfort by visiting a tropical island or some other place where they are completely relaxed.

An increasing number of seniors are benefiting from virtual reality. Some seniors are even experiencing reduced symptoms of dementia! Why not give some thought to how it can improve your quality of life? 


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