10 Tech Gifts for Father's Day

By Rachelle Ehlert

Father's Day is the day to celebrate your father and all father figures in your life — your grandfather, step-father, uncle. As these loved ones get older, it's important to show them how much you care. And what better way to do that with some fun and useful technology.

Technology is being widely adapted by seniors and older adults because they can make life easier. Many tech gadgets are fun to use, too. Here are some tech gifts to consider for Father's Day this year.

Top Tech Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you're looking for unique gifts for Father's Day this year, here are some suggestions.

1. New Phone

Is your dad using a phone from 10 years ago? A new phone could be the perfect gift. Of course, set aside some time to teach them how to operate the phone. This is going to be a great bonding and learning experience for the two of you.

Smartphones can be easy for older adults to use. And they come with lots of different apps that can help with everything from managing smart appliances to staying entertained. If you are worried about your loved one's ability to use a phone, choose a brand made specifically for seniors. For example, the Jitterbug.

2. Kindle

Many older adults enjoy reading. If that's your loved one, then the Kindle is the perfect gift idea. Kindles are durable, easy to use, and inexpensive. It can house a ton of different books without taking up any extra space on a bookshelf.

Kindles and other types of eReaders are also portable, which makes them great for taking on road trips or vacations. Get a head start and upload some of your senior's favorite books on it for them.

3. Smartwatch

A watch is a practical, fashionable gift to get for your father figure. And a smartwatch takes the watch to a whole new level. This piece of technology can measure sleep cycles, monitor exercise, receive messages, and more!

Most smartwatches pair with a cell phone. So, it can be a good idea to match brands with your dad's phone. For example, if he owns Apple products, then get the Apple smartwatch. This will make the learning curve a bit easier.

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4. Smart Home Hub

Smart home products, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, can make life simpler for your loved one. Although, they might take some getting used to. These devices can play music, set timers, show pictures, and more at the sound of your voice.

As your parent ages, voice-activated technologies can help them maintain their quality of life and their safety at home. Plus, they can be engaging and provide interaction that seniors need. For example, these smart devices can tell jokes, turn the lights off, or provide medication reminders.

5. Digital Picture Frame

If some of these gift ideas are a little too advanced, try something a bit simpler, like a digital picture frame. These photo displays can store a ton of family photos, rotating through each one in a slide show.

Many digital picture frames can download pictures from the internet or Facebook albums. There might even be a shared app the family can use to upload pictures, making them easy to use and update. 

6. Digital Doorbell

A digital doorbell can help your loved one see who's at the door without even getting up. Some smart doorbells also allow you to talk to the person at the door. This feature could be helpful for a senior who can't get up fast enough.

Plus, these types of doorbells often have a recording feature that picks up movement. So, if your dad is away from home, he can keep an eye on things and see who has come to the house.

7. Smart TV

Long gone are the days of cable. Today, a smart TV has become standard. If your loved one doesn't have one yet, then this is the gift idea you're looking for. A Roku, Amazon Fire, or an Apple TV appliance can turn regular TVs into smart ones.

These devices plug into an existing TV, usually via HDMI, and connect to the home internet. Once installed, they can access apps, from Netflix to Hulu, so your loved one can watch their favorite programs. Some devices even come with voice control.

8. Smart Water Bottle

To help keep your loved one hydrated, consider a smart water bottle. A smart water bottle can track how much water they drink throughout the day. And it can give friendly reminders to keep drinking more water. 

9. Smart Scale

We all want to stay as healthy as possible. A smart scale can help your aging loved ones monitor their health more closely. Smart scales can measure heart health or even perform a full body composition breakdown in addition to measuring weight. Many scales offer these additional features in a compact and sleek design.

10. Tablet

Smartphone screens can sometimes be too small or uncomfortable for seniors. But a tablet offers more surface area with the same functionality. Get your loved one a tablet to play puzzles, browse social media, watch shows, and more.

While these gifts are great ideas, honoring Father's Day isn't about the presents. It's really about showing your dad how much you love him and appreciate what he's done for you. And sometimes, that's through helping him get the care that he needs to remain independent and safe at home. Reach out to your local team of care experts to learn more.

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