5 Best Ways to Stay Cool at Home this Summer

By Michael Watson

Staying cool in the summer heat is no easy task, yet it’s essential for comfortable living as the seasons change. Having a cool, dedicated space to relax is of utmost important, especially when your elderly loved one requires it while you’re away. Fortunately, there are ways to help seniors stay cool during warmer weather even when you are unable to tend to their required needs personally. Learn more below about the 5 best ways to stay cool at home this summer!

1. Ensure AC Works Properly

Air conditioning is extremely important to keep cool in the summer. Whether you invest in central air or decide to go with individual units, AC is a great way to protect against heat building up throughout the home.

If you notice air conditioning units are not flowing properly, make sure vents and filters are clean and free of obstructions. Often, vents may be covered by furniture or air filters can become blocked by a buildup of dust and other airborne dander. To avoid this, keep furniture pulled away from walls, hire a professional to clean or replace filters each year, and safeguard against rugs covering air ducts.

2. Stay Cool during Sleep

Staying cool at night can be a struggle, but with the right sleeping arrangements, it can be easy to beat the heat. Seniors require between 7–9 hours of sleep each night. That amounts to over a third of their daily schedule being dedicated to their bed.

Start with a supportive mattress that is both comfortable and promotes air flow. Firmness is a major factor in gaining the best sleep possible, so choose from a selection that matches your specific needs. Sheets that help you stay cool are also a must. Outfit your sleeping situation with breathable, soft sheets that prevent body temperature from rising too high.

3. Have Plenty of Cold Foods on Hand

Keeping your body temperature low will also help keep you much cooler overall. Stock the fridge with an abundance of fruits, cold drinks, and ice pops. Having cold packs on hand in the freezer is also a perfect way to keep cooler solutions ready to go.

When utilizing this tip, consider foods that benefit nutritional needs for seniors as well. For a frozen treat, place some fresh fruit full of vitamin C in ice cube molds and then fill with water. Add the ice cubes to cold water for a subtle yet delicious flavor that’s sure to keep you cool even in the hottest areas.

4. Furnish Home with Shades or Blinds

Direct sunlight can heat your home in a matter of hours. Impede these effects by furnishing your home with useful window coverings. There’s a bunch of options to keep in mind when looking for window coverings. Awnings are helpful in cutting down on solar heat gain by up to 77%, especially on westward facing windows.

If you’re more apt to use curtains or drapes, choose from a selection made of light blocking materials. Shades are the simplest type of window covering to manage while blinds provide more flexible settings. Not only will these help you stay cool but it can also lower utility bills and reduce energy usage.

5. Close Rooms that Are Lightly Used

Sometimes, our homes have rooms that we rarely enter or find a use for. When cooling your home, it’s best to firmly shut these rooms and prevent cool air from entering these areas. Keep doors closed and utilize draft stoppers on rooms that you tend not to use. Cooler breezes can be sucked up by heat which makes it difficult to sustain a natural air flow throughout the home.

Remember, over time seniors may be less likely to be able to care for themselves alone. If you’re questioning whether your older loved one can handle any of these tips on their own or have seen any of these aging signs, it may be time to seek professional care.

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