Spending Super Bowl Sunday with Your Loved One

By Ruby Cemental

Football fans everywhere circle the date for Super Bowl Sunday on their calendars in anticipation of a great day! What could be more fun than throwing on your football jersey and cheering on your favorite team? Keep in mind that football fans are people of all ages, and when you are celebrating Super Bowl Sunday with your senior loved one, you may need to adjust your activities accordingly. Here are some things you can do with your senior to enjoy the big football game.

Spend Quality Time Together

Often, our busy schedules don't allow us to spend as much quality time as we'd like with our beloved senior family members. Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to catch up! Since you'll likely be spending the entire day at home, why not sit next to your loved one and devote as much time as possible to them?

Play games, tell stories and enjoy lunch. Your loved one will appreciate the time you spend with them. It will boost their mood and their well-being. The time will be beneficial to you as well because you will feel like you connected with your friend or family member.

Talk About Past Super Bowls

It may be that the first Super Bowl was played before you were born, or when you were too young to remember. Ask your loved one to tell you stories about past Super Bowls! This will give them the chance to reminisce about old friends, past parties, and maybe old traditions that they may have forgotten about. Ask about winning teams, ask which team they were cheering for, and ask what their parties consisted of. This will be great for your elderly loved one, as it is an exercise in sharpening the mind. A walk down memory lane is time well spent since reminiscing is often good for seniors. 

Prepare Healthy Snacks

Since your senior loved one may not be interested in the pizza, wings, and chips that are usually served, you may need to provide some healthy snacks to enjoy. Try putting together a fresh fruit tray and serve it with yogurt. Perhaps some egg salad sandwiches on wheat bread are something that your loved one will enjoy. A smoothie or a protein shake is always a great and delicious idea. Don't forget the hummus and pita chips! This is a healthy, delicious snack.

Discuss Memorable Commercials

The commercials that are on during the game are one of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday! Surely any football fan can remember funny and entertaining commercials from past years. There is no better way to make your loved one giggle than to tell them about old commercials that you remember from recent years. A laugh is good for the soul!

Make Friendly Bets

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year for betting. Instead of having monetary prizes, make bets and have the winner determine what to have for dinner tomorrow night, or what movie to watch on Netflix tomorrow. This is a great way to have fun without putting pressure on your loved one. They will enjoy the thrill that comes along with the bet, and they will enjoy the satisfaction if they win!

Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to spend some time with your loved senior. Take advantage of the time to bond and build family relationships. 

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