Senior Concierge Services: Making Aging in Place Easier

By Michael Watson

The seniors in our lives require specialized and personalized care in order to maintain the happy and healthy life they deserve. This specialized care has become increasingly necessary as more seniors are choosing to stay in their own homes. Senior concierge services offer our senior loved ones the opportunity to stay happy in their own homes by helping them to complete daily, but necessary tasks.

These services are designed to alleviate a senior's stress, risks, and the burden of performing these tasks themselves. After learning how concierge services for seniors can keep your loved one happy while aging in place, you'll want to take advantage of the benefits that millions of seniors all over the country are experiencing themselves.

What Are Elder Concierge Services?

Concierge services for seniors can be offered in a variety of ways in a variety of places. Concierge services can also be referred to as personal care services or errand services. When enlisting the help of a type of concierge service, seniors receive the help of a trusted person or team to complete daily, everyday tasks that may have become more difficult with age. These tasks can include anything from household chores and errands to companionship and transportation.

Some companies may focus on providing seniors with one specific service, while others, like in-home senior care providers, work to provide a senior with just about any service they need to age in place with dignity. With in-home care, a professional team works to provide you with all the personalized care you need to stay happy and healthy in your own home. Concierge services can be used to help accomplish that.

What Concierge Services Offer to Seniors

Living in your own home as you age has its advantages, but it can also be difficult. Tasks that may have once been easy are not as easy anymore. The services provided by your concierge or personal care team are designed to eliminate the difficulties and risks associated with these daily tasks. Senior concierge services can include a variety of things, depending on the needs of the senior.

Light Housekeeping and Daily Chores

Cleaning and doing everything you need to do around the house can come with its own problems as you get older. For many seniors, tasks like sweeping, dusting, or even tidying up can be hard. With concierge services, seniors can stay in their homes without the stress of ensuring daily chores are completed. Professionals can be trained to help seniors with light housework and other chores around the house, like prepping or preparing meals, laundry, and more.

Running Errands

Seniors are just like everyone else and have responsibilities to fulfill. But as you age, it may get harder to get around as you once did. With personalized care, a trusted professional can help run those pesky, but necessary, errands. Some tasks that can be handled by your care team include the following:

  • Prescription pickup/dropoff
  • Mailing, shipping, picking up packages and mail
  • Taking care of dry-cleaning pickups
  • Personal shopping, gift/holiday shopping
  • Dropping off vehicles for service, car washes
  • Delivering payments for bills or services

Grocery Shopping

Many people may take simple tasks for granted, but as you age, even getting groceries can be difficult. The act of getting to the grocery store, loading your basket, unloading groceries at the house, etc. can be tiring for some seniors and also dangerous. With the help of concierge services, a senior has no need to worry about food again. A helping hand can do everything a senior needs to maintain a good and healthy diet, from shopping, delivering, unloading, and putting away groceries in the home. 


Many seniors can suffer as they age simply because they cannot get around as well as they used to. Leaving the house, driving, and getting where you need to be can get more and more difficult. But seniors should not have to miss out on necessary or fun activities due to age and lack of transportation. With personal care or concierge services, getting around doesn't have to be a concern anymore. Whether you need to get to a doctor's appointment, special event, lunch with friends, religious services, hair or salon appointments, or to go shopping, a responsible and trusted part of your personal care team can help you get there.

Companionship and Social Interaction

Aside from the physical and health risks associated with aging at home, many seniors can begin to experience loneliness and isolation as they age as well. With less physical and social activity, seniors can be prone to mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. Concierge services for seniors can help by providing a helpful, present, and listening hand. Aside from the friendly face they provide seniors while providing other helpful services, personal care team members are able to sit, visit, and socialize with seniors they are caring for. Companionship and friendship can be offered to seniors in ways such as the following:

  • Visiting and chatting
  • Reading or telling stories
  • Doing a puzzle
  • Playing a game of cards
  • Participating in a hobby or interest

Advantages of Concierge Services for Seniors

According to HUD, an astounding "25 percent of elderly Americans who temporarily enter a nursing home will find it difficult to leave." And seniors are less likely to suffer from issues like depression, anxiety, and other medical problems while in their own homes. These facts make it more important than ever that society works to provide seniors with a variety of services that allow them to stay in their own homes. Elder concierge services allow seniors to be comfortable and safe in their own homes, while also alleviating some burden that may have fallen on family members or friends.

With a trusted team behind you, you or your senior loved one will be less likely to have an accident or injure themselves, suffer from loneliness, forget about important events or responsibilities, and more. Personalized care provides accommodations for each and every one of a senior's needs and eliminates risks associated with injury and illness, safety and health, isolation and depression, and more. 

Using concierge services as a senior can help you not only stay in your home longer but also enjoy the relaxation and happiness of your daily life. The trusted and thoughtful team here at Caring Senior Service is committed to providing each and every senior with the personalized care they need to stay safe, healthy, and happy in their own home. Contact your local team today to ask us how we can personalize you or your senior loved one's care!

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