Must-Read Family Caregiver Books

By Ruby Cemental

Being a caregiver isn't easy. Even if it's for the ones we love, there are days where everything just feels too heavy. Days where you just want to curl up under the covers, and try to hide away from the world. Or days where you just want to scream to stop yourself from crying. It's a rough gig, but sometimes it pays to find wisdom, and knowledge, from others who've been where you are now. Even better, you'll find it in the pages of these books.

1. Never Quit Until You Win: A Journey of Faith and Medicine

This book, by Louis West, is one of the most highly recommended reads for caregivers on Goodreads. It shows how the author, a lifetime employee of the healthcare system, was caught unprepared when he became a caregiver for a loved one. His lessons show that even when things are bad, they always get better.

2. If Only I'd Had This Caregiving Book

Maya Hennessey's book provides some of her personal secrets that she's discovered as a caregiver. While filled with all kinds of useful information, the book's primary goal is to show caregivers how they can decrease their own stress, so they can provide the best care possible for their loved ones.

3. Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant

Roz Chast creates a great book for caregivers done as a cartoon. Chast had to deal with a long role as a caregiver. She had to deal with two aging parents, her father had dementia, and they lived into their nineties. 

4. Memoirs of a Caregiver

This memoir details the life of Cynthia Young, a woman who has cared for four family members with Alzheimer's disease. This book is full of all the little details of caregiving that are forgotten about on the way. 

5. Suddenly a Caregiver

When you unexpectedly become someone's caregiver, a lot can happen. It can seem like it is all happening at once. Darryl Pendergrass' book can help navigate the sudden responsibilities and what steps you need to take.  

6. No Saints Around Here

Susan Allen Toth became a caregiver for her husband. She found solstice in writing about it. Her memoir documents the not-so-perfect life of caregiving and outlines how hard it can really be.  

7. Affirmations for Caregivers

Harriet Hodgson is a caregiver for three. During her lifetime of caregiving, she began to write affirmations to bring positivity to her life. Eventually she collected enough to publish a book of affirmations specifically for caregivers. 

8. Learning to Float: Memoir of a Caregiver-Husband

Another memoir makes this list, this time from a husband's point of view. Allan Ament cares for his wife, who has suffered a stroke, and documents the days. He exposes his emotions in a raw and at times humorous way. He proves himself as a narrator any caregiver can relate to. 

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