Long-Distance Activities to Do with Your Grandkids

By Lori Thomas

There is nothing more rewarding in life than being blessed with grandchildren. However, for many grandparents, this doesn’t necessarily mean they get to live as close to their grandchildren as they would like. Long-distance grandchildren-grandparent relationships can be tough, especially for grandparents who feel like they are missing out on their grandchild’s life and fun milestones.

This is why it is so important to not only have long-distance phone and video chat dates but to be able to play games long distance as well. Long-distance games will help keep these phone calls more interactive and engaging. Here are a few suggestions for long-distance games any grandparent and grandchild can play together.

Revealing Holiday Crafts

Kids love holiday crafts, but there are also many great activities and crafts for seniors as well. If you can’t be in the same place to do these memory-making activities together, then choose a craft where you can be on the phone together.

A great example of an activity you can do while on the phone while video chatting is carving pumpkins. You can either leave the video chat on while you each carve your own pumpkin, or make a game out of it. Grandparents and grandkids can each do their own respective craft, such as carving their pumpkin and having a big “reveal” together where both parties show off the work they have completed. It is a fun way to get creative, share your work and build up some excitement around it.


This is a great game to play if you want to encourage seniors and their grandchildren to really talk about their days together. High-low is a simple game and it can be played nightly or weekly. For example, a child’s “high,” or best part of their day, may have been getting picked first to play kickball. Their “low” may have been having to go to math class. Grandparents can also share their “high” and “low” so that their grandkids can learn more about their interests and hobbies. This is also a fun game because it develops a tradition that can last for years to come.

Phone Apps

If your grandchild is old enough to have their own phone or to use phone apps, phone games can also be a fun way for grandkids and their grandparents to connect. For example, you can play Words With Friends, Wheel of Fortune, or Candy Crush and play “against” each other as a fun way to enjoy a little healthy competition. Just make sure to pick a phone game that kids and grandparents can both enjoy and understand. This is a great way to connect long-distance and build a bond, even if it is just over a phone app.

Open a Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are a trend that delivers good deals on surprise products. These subscription boxes can be exciting for both grandparents and grandchildren. What can be even more fun is unboxing these subscriptions together! It is a simple and easy way to make what is already a fun moment even more enjoyable. You can make it a game by trying to guess what is inside before you unbox. Grandparents and their grandkids can choose the same subscription service or something different—the options really are endless.

Just because grandparents don’t live in the same city as their grandchildren, doesn’t mean that they can’t really connect and bond with them in a special way. Consider these long-distance games to help make the distance seem shorter and the days apart seem more fun!

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