INFOGRAPHIC: Hospital to Home Step-By-Step Guide

By Michelle Cemental

When a senior is discharged from the hospital, there are a lot of things to coordinate and think about. We've made this process a little easier with a step-by-step guide to a safe hospital discharge. By referring to the process outlined in our infographic, you can know what to expect when a loved one gets to come home from the hospital.

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Hospital To Home Step-By-Step Guide

Checklist for hospital discharge

  1. Talk with family early to plan post-discharge support
  2. Coordinate supportive home care
  3. Inquire and set up home health care RN, PT, or OT
  4. Inquire and set up outpatient PT or OT
  5. Coordinate transportation home at discharge
  6. Coordinate transportation to follow up appointments

Discharge to facility or delayed discharge if:

  • Lack of family support at home may prolong discharge
  • Without the right care in place at home, it may not be safe to go home
  • Home health care, RN, PT, or OT services are delivered in a skilled nursing facility
  • Some patients are not mobile enough to go out for PT/OT
  • Not having transportation set up could mean waiting hours in the hospital after discharge
  • Missing follow-up appointments may contribute to hospital readmission

Discharge home if: 

  • Having a plan for support at home can speed up discharge
  • Going home with caregiving services in place can help prevent avoidable readmissions
  • Home health care, RN, PT, or OT services can be delivered in the comfort of home
  • Outpatient PT/OT is an option for patients that are not home-bound
  • Setting up transportation in advance with family or with a home care company can help prevent discharge delays
  • Attending follow-up appointments can reduce the risk of preventable readmissions

Planning For Home Timeline

7 days before discharge: Family meeting

Meet with family to discuss which family members will be available to provide supportive care upon discharge. 

5 to 6 days before discharge: Therapy/rehab

Find our if home healthcare will be prescribed after discharge. If therapy is needed, find out if it will be delivered at an out-patient or in-patient rehab facility or at a home healthcare agency. 

4 days before discharge: Caregiving services

If discharging home and home care is needed, begin meeting with personal assistance service companies to set up caregiving services. 

2 days before discharge: Transportation

Coordinate transportation home as well as any equipment that needs to be delivered. 

Post discharge: Follow-up appointments

Make note of all follow-up appointments and coordinate transportation


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