How Caregivers Help with Pneumonia after Hospital Discharge

By Rachelle Ehlert

A pneumonia diagnosis can feel overwhelming for everyone involved. Once a senior loved one has healed well enough to come home from the hospital, caregivers need to provide them with extra care to ensure it doesn't spread through the household. In this post, we'll cover specific guidelines for caregivers caring for seniors with pneumonia who have recently been discharged from the hospital. 

Helping Seniors Recuperate From Pneumonia

Ensure Proper Nutrition

A senior with pneumonia may not have an interest in eating, but it's essential for their recovery. Proteins are arguably the most important aspect of their diet while recovering from pneumonia, as our bodies use protein to rebuild damaged respiratory cells. Carbohydrates are also essential because they provide the energy your loved one needs to fight the feelings of fatigue associated with pneumonia. Fruits and vegetables are also essential. 

The pneumonia recovery process can last weeks or even months. Your loved one must eat well every day to recover.

Our professional caregivers can provide meal preparation services. We can help with grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cleanup at any time.

Monitor Medications

Medication schedules can get complicated. If you need help managing your senior's medications, consider implementing medication reminders. Try a pillbox, reminders on your phone, or even apps. If you aren’t able to help your loved one remember to take their medications, we also offer medication reminder services to help ensure a safe recovery.

Push Fluids

It's important to remain hydrated during recovery. Remind your senior to drink water often, and/or a variety of liquids. 

Consider Home Care

Ultimately, the road to pneumonia recovery can be a long and arduous one. When a senior is released from the hospital, they are even more vulnerable and may require constant care and assistance.

That’s why we are here to help. Caring Senior Service provides professional caregivers to help reduce the strain on family members and increase the quality of life for seniors struggling with health challenges.

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