Best Durable Medical Equipment after Knee Replacement Surgery

By Michael Watson

Seniors deserve to feel safe and comfortable while on the mend, and preparing your loved one's home with affordable, durable medical equipment (DME) is important. After surgery, your loved one will need a little extra assistance around the house, and these pieces of equipment, from simple to complex, can help your loved one remain safe. Read this DME guide to post-knee surgery replacement care to find out how.

Preparing for Surgery with DME

Creating an easy-to-maneuver living space for your loved one is a very important step in the recovery process. This can mean removing trip hazards, creating a viable living space on the ground floor, and installing aids to help with mobility.

Because the artificial knee needs to be worked and trained to create flexibility during recovery, it is important to give your loved one the opportunity to function as normally as possible. Giving them the mobility and safety they need to feel confident in their healing journey can make the process easier for them to manage, and give you the peace of mind you need.

We've chosen to highlight DME based on budget and high customer ratings as deciding factors, with the focus placed on creating a safe and independent recovery space for your loved one.


  1. Medical Bed Rail: A bed rail to help those in post-surgery recovery can help with difficulty getting in and out of bed. A sturdy, rubberized handgrip is recommended, as is a pocket for medical alert devices, medications, or cell phones. Your loved ones can have everything they need within reach to help them remain safe.
  2. Steel Bedside Commode: If the restroom is far away or inaccessible without assistance, seniors may prefer a bedside commode to accommodate them during their early recovery period. Combined with a raised commode seat, this can be an ideal solution for reducing pressure on the knees.
  3. Adjustable Bed Frame: If the bed frame sits too low, getting in and out of bed could be needlessly uncomfortable. An adjustable, sturdy bed frame, combined with a reliable bed rail, helps to raise the mattress for less painful accessibility.
  4. Adjustable Shoehorn: While seniors may be in recovery, they still need to get dressed and ready for the day. A shoehorn will allow your loved one to comfortably put on or take off shoes before leaving the house. An extra-long, adjustable shoehorn can be custom-fit for their comfort.
  5. Sock Aid: Socks and pants can be difficult to put on after knee surgery. Using a sock aid with reliable, easy-to-grip handles will allow seniors to retain independence when dressing and undressing for the day.
  6. Knee Support Cushion: Sleeping correctly after knee surgery is important, and it is essential to keep the knees from knocking or pressing on the affected area. A between-the-knee support cushion keeps the surgical site clear from harm and allows your loved one to rest comfortably.


  1. Elevated Toilet Seat With Grab Bar: An elevated commode seat allows seniors to use the restroom without discomfort, raising the seat several inches and providing solid hand grips for stability. This can be combined with a bedside commode if traveling to the restroom is not an option right away.
  2. Adjustable Shower Bench: A shower bench or stool will allow seniors in post-knee surgery recovery to sit and wash without injury or discomfort. Combined with properly installed grab bars, a shower stool can allow your loved one privacy and independence.
  3. Long-Handled Bath Loofah: A long-handled bath loofah helps prevent uncomfortable twisting or risky movements in the shower. This simple tool can make a big difference in your loved one's daily care routine.
  4. Grab Bar For Shower: An essential for those in recovery, properly installed grab bars in the restroom will create a safer hygiene routine. Install in the shower, around the commode, and in any area that may present a fall risk.
  5. Non-Slip Bath Mat: In addition to a shower stool, a non-slip bath mat can prevent serious injuries. This easy-to-find accessory makes a huge difference in how safe your loved one feels during their personal care routine.


  1. Grabber Tool With Magnet: Helpful for reaching things on high shelves, a grabber tool with a magnetic helper allows seniors to access food or supplies without the need for assistance or strain. Select a tool that can grip things tightly and securely to prevent accidents, particularly when in use with glassware or heavy canned goods. This tool is great for other areas of the home as well, such as the bedroom for helping select or put on clothing.
  2. Raised Seat Cushion: A raised seat cushion will help seniors to sit comfortably at the dining table. Choose a pillow with adequate lift and a non-skid barrier to maximize its effectiveness.
  3. Non-Slip Step-Up Stool: While a tall step stool is out of the question, a smaller step-up can help seniors reach things in low cupboards and traverse between rooms with a small step in the doorway. A portable and lightweight option is good, while multiple step-ups placed around the home is better.

Living Room

  1. Adjustable Standing Aid For Couch: An adjustable standing aid can help your loved one move to and from the couch without discomfort. This can be used in many rooms, such as the mudroom bench or bedroom, but is recommended to stay near the couch. Combine with a raised seat cushion, a standing aid can reduce the difficulty of getting up and down.
  2. Leg Lifter Strap: A leg lifter strap allows seniors to lift the affected leg onto a footrest for a more comfortable seating arrangement. This tool is great for the bedroom, bathroom, and on the go, since it is easy to use and transport.
  3. Portable Table: If your loved one does not have a kitchen or dining room table to sit at, a portable table is a practical solution for meals and activities. It can be folded up to avoid becoming a trip hazard and is lightweight enough for seniors to use with ease.

Our personalized, comprehensive senior care services are designed to help your loved one feel healthy, safe, and comfortable at home. We are dedicated to providing the most professional level of care and offer a variety of services and helpful tips to help seniors get what they need. From transportation and companionship to personal care and medication reminders, our specialized hip and knee care program is perfect for seniors who have recently undergone joint replacement surgery. Reach out to a Caring location near you to learn more.

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